Are you going to vote?

I am preparing to vote. I just need to look up where the closest polling place is located.

When I moved to New Mexico and applied for a driver’s license, the nice lady asked me if I wanted to register to vote. I was unprepared for the question. I hadn’t thought about it. In fact, at my ripe old age, I had never voted before. My family doesn’t discuss politics.

Thinking about the opioid war and the unheard voices of millions of pain patients, I’m like, yeah, I’ll register to vote. And vote I did, standing up for reproductive rights in New Mexico. It was easy.

But doubts have started creeping in… Even though I notified some government agency of my change of address, will they have me on the roll? Will I get to one polling place only to be directed to another? How badly do I want to vote for Hillary? New Mexico isn’t even an important state.

The video ends with: “This November 8th, remember who’s boss.” I dunno, do any of you feel like the boss?

Then, this video popped up in my YouTube feed:

Remember Al Gore? He won the “popular” vote, but lost the electoral vote. Does anyone know who these electoral votes are in their state? I sure don’t.

Back to reality… I love Wanda Sykes. She’s hilarious. 🙂

Did someone say cheesecake? 🙂

Do you have Crohn’s?

I love food. It’s a moment of pleasure in just about any day. But I struggle to have an appetite because eating can be quite painful for me. My first bite of the day usually involves a lot of muscle cramping in my face. Sometimes, I beat an achy foot against the floor to distract me from the cramps. After that, it’s usually okay. Like I’m gonna let pain take away my enjoyment of food? No way.

That’s one of the effects that I like about cannabis. It gives me an appetite. Distracts me from the pain of eating so my taste buds can fly. Time for some peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bars. 🙂

The Sunny Side of Things

How many people can resist smiling at a sunflower?


It’s like they’re smiling back at us.


Well, summer, can’t say I’ll miss you…


It’s supposed to rain this weekend and temperatures are finally going to drop.




This is called the windblown look.






Here’s the dog who kept barking at me while I took photos of the sunflowers underneath him. I think he was saying something about being hungry. I know how he feels. I visited the drive-thru at Taco Cabana today. And even though they got my order wrong, it was so good, I didn’t care.


Welcome, aliens!


Hopefully, dogs, humans and aliens will be able to get along.


It’s not like it would be impossible. People get along all the time. They even marry and reproduce. We get along with dogs. We could get along with aliens…


Seriously. It could happen. Maybe the aliens could teach us something.


If you have Netflix, I highly recommend the series, Black Mirror. It’s like the Twilight Zone, with a focus on technology. All of the episodes are set in the future.


One of the episodes was about how we killed all the bees, so corporations and the government created artificial bees. Which was great, until…


Some asshole, in a fit of revenge, takes control of the hives and kills hundreds of thousand of people.


Sorry, I guess I may have ruined that episode by telling you the ending. (Belated Spoiler Alert!) But, believe me, you won’t be sorry if you watch the series. It’s awesome. The very first episode is about the Prime Minister of England. And no, I won’t tell you more than that. 🙂