Are you going to vote?

I am preparing to vote. I just need to look up where the closest polling place is located.

When I moved to New Mexico and applied for a driver’s license, the nice lady asked me if I wanted to register to vote. I was unprepared for the question. I hadn’t thought about it. In fact, at my ripe old age, I had never voted before. My family doesn’t discuss politics.

Thinking about theΒ opioid war and the unheard voices of millions of pain patients, I’m like, yeah, I’ll register to vote. And vote I did, standing up for reproductive rights in New Mexico. It was easy.

But doubts have started creeping in… Even though I notified some government agency of my change of address, will they have me on the roll? Will I get to one polling place only to be directed to another? How badly do I want to vote for Hillary? New Mexico isn’t even an important state.

The video ends with: “This November 8th, remember who’s boss.” I dunno, do any of you feel like the boss?

Then, this video popped up in my YouTube feed:

Remember Al Gore? He won the “popular” vote, but lost the electoral vote. Does anyone know who these electoral votes are in their state? I sure don’t.

Back to reality… I love Wanda Sykes. She’s hilarious. πŸ™‚

Did someone say cheesecake? πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Are you going to vote?

    • Yes, I’ve seen that survey, created by the National Pain Report. The media treats its member organizations — like the U.S. Pain Foundation and The National Pain Foundation — as Big Pharma’s pawns. I see their members as trying to make money from “new and improved” pain medications and treatments, which they have financial ties to. I also had a problem with their website, as it censored my comments. No, they don’t like me over there. I’m too honest for them. πŸ™‚

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  1. That Wanda Sykes/Chris Rock clip is so f-ing funny, it should be required viewing for every right-wing white guy & gal in America (not because they’ll think it’s funny too, but because I’d like to see their faces turn red with outrage).

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