Don’t blame orange

This morning around 3am, I decided to celebrate November by making pumpkin bread with chocolate chips. Yes, it’s orange, but I don’t think we should blame the color orange for the sideshow that is presidential candidate, Donald Trump.


Yes, that’s Trump’sĀ face in my pumpkin bread.


Early this morning, I voted for Hillary at a local community center. Now, if she wins and totally messes up the country, I’ll feel bad that I voted for her. Maybe people who voted for George W. Bush feel the same way.


I was surprised to see Trump’s name at the very top of my ballot, with Hillary’s underneath. Not that it matters — I just wondered who’s decision it was to put Trump’s name first.


As an example of how apathetic the political process has become, there was more than one race on my ballot with only one candidate.


I arrived about 10 minutes after the polling place opened and there was a line of about 15 people ahead of me. Right in front of me was a couple with a large German shepherd wearing a vest that said “in training.” His trainer said it was for a veteran with PTSD.


I had read that strangers shouldn’t approach a service dog, but since the dog was in training, his trainer said I could pet him. I was like, I can’t tell if he’s a dog or a horse.

After I voted, I went to the store for some fresh veggies. I asked the cashier if he was going to vote today. Dude said he wanted to vote for Gary Johnson, and I’m like, I don’t think Johnson is smart enough to be president. The cashier must have been in his early 20s. Didn’t even know the polling places are open until 7pm. He tried to pretend that he might vote after he gets off work at 3pm, but his face said he just didn’t care.