Trump Declares Free Ice Cream Day For Inauguration

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In an effort to bring people together, president-elect Donald Trump has planned a special surprise for his inauguration day, January 20th. Every outlet that sells ice cream, from Baskin-Robbins to the corner gas station, will be participating in Free Ice Cream Day. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (and her husband) announced the new annual holiday on CNN this morning.

Not only will every American receive a free ice cream bar, but Trump has declared January 20th to be an international holiday. Ms. Conway said that any country choosing to participate will be considered friends of the new administration.

Ms. Conway went on to say that: “We want everyone to celebrate on inauguration day, no matter who they voted for. Get a free ice cream at your nearest local store, then join your friends and family in watching history take place. Donald Trump will be the best president ever and we will all benefit for the next four years, starting on January 20th. Free Ice Cream Day is just the beginning.”

Ms. Conway’s husband will be one of the street vendors in Washington on inauguration day. He said he’ll be selling Trump novelty items, like a pink, frilly apron that says, “Trump This, Daddy.” Also among the items for sale by Ms. Conway’s husband is a coffee mug that states, “I Am The Man.”

CNN also reported that some countries have already agreed to participate in Free Ice Cream Day, including Scotland, Germany, and North Vietnam. No word yet from Russia.