The Cracker War

I buy Premium saltine crackers. Always have. But in the interest of saving money, I thought, why not try the Walmart brand?

But I needed a second opinion, so I asked Nate at my local Walmart if their brand was the same as Premium. He said yes, and mentioned that his wife also loves Premium, but is happy with the Walmart brand. He went on to say that he thought their crackers were even made in the same factory as Premium, like a lot of their other products.

Okay, Nate, I’m sold. But was Nate’s opinion the same as mine?

Can you guess which is the Premium cracker and which is the Walmart brand?


Of course the Walmart brand is smaller. Go figure. But the texture is different, too. Walmart crackers don’t have the same crispness as Premiums. Maybe you can figure out why by looking at the list of ingredients.

Walmart brand




Premium crackers have 10 more calories per serving than the Walmart brand, but if you know me at all, you know that I don’t really care about calories.

Most of my crackers go into a bowl of soup, so how did Walmart brand crackers perform in soup? Again, since they’re not as crispy as Premium crackers, they didn’t stand up as well in soup.

Let’s compare prices:

Premium (online prices)
Walmart $2.56
Amazon $4.86
Walgreens $3.59

Walmart brand $1.78 (in-store and online)

So, are Walmart brand crackers worth the savings? Uh, no. Sorry, Walmart.

Because of the title of this post, did you think it had to do with race? Ha! Fooled ya! You’ve just been click-baited. đŸ™‚