How Junk Science Sent Claude Garrett to Prison for Life

In Willingham’s case, prosecutors pointed to his tattoos and heavy metal posters as proof that he had morbid — even satanic — tendencies…

How Instagram Is Helping Me Recover From an Eating Disorder

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#NEDAwareness), and I think it’s so important to acknowledge the importance of recovery accounts to so many around the world as this week our struggles and issues are highlighted. People suffering will always appreciate support, so this week, take the time to follow one or two accounts and leave a nice comment! It will mean more than you know.

It’s True, Cats Can Fly

Or:  Playing With My Shadow  (Perhaps I should invent a category for Play Therapy.  And I’ll just point out that playing with your shadow is FREE.)

Photographer:  Ramil Gilvanov

(If you’ll notice, the young girl’s posture while using an electronic device is pretty good, lifting the device close enough to eye level so as not to bend her head, putting too much pressure on the neck.  Good posture:  It’s the drug of the future.)