When Moral Compasses Are In Conflict.. The Cost To Our Society


HIV outbreak in 5 Indiana counties linked to needle-sharing

Health Commissioner Jerome Adams says most of the cases are linked to people injecting the prescription painkiller Opana, while a small number are tied to sexual transmission of the HIV virus. Officials said Opana is a powerful opioid painkiller containing oxymorphone, which is more potent per milligram than Oxycontin…

Former CVS Tech Comes Forward About Lying To Pts


Patients profiled at pharmacy counters

What else would cause the pharmacist concern? “Tattoos definitely,” says Rosie. Rosie says a pharmacy manager was suspicious of young adults in their 20s and 30s even if they’d come directly from a hospital after surgery or being injured in an accident. She was even told to turn away husbands whose wives just had C-sections…

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