Proliferation of smartphones may be affecting posture

“Poor posture is easy to spot in the hunched over forms of older adults who have carried bad habits for a lifetime,” said Stephen Gubernick, Doctor of Chiropractic at The Joint Chiropractic. “However, few people realize that there are health implications that make good posture essential for healthy living at any age.” …

Poor device posture can be corrected by not using your smartphone so much โ€“ but let’s be real, is that really likely to happen? So it might be wise to change the way we hold the device.

In the case of a smartphone, hold the phone higher, closer to eye level, so that you don’t have to bend your head. It’s important for parents to encourage children to improve their device posture, since their bodies are still developing.

Back pain is normally a complaint among older people but a 2013 survey in the United Kingdom found a startling 84% of young people said they have suffered an aching back in the previous year. The survey by Simplyhealth also found most adults of all ages spent as much time hunched over a device of some sort as they spent sleeping…

11 thoughts on “Proliferation of smartphones may be affecting posture

  1. I’m not going to say a thing about my posture….my whole back full of pain …I would not have a problem throwing out my phone… I did throw it out of a moving 18 wheeler going down the road one time…I hardly get any calls or text any longer but i do love my samsung galaxy note 3 that I am still trying to figure out everything that it has to offer lol…but anyways yes being hunched over reading and texting on your phone is not good …just another way to dumb us down even more hell you are already looking

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      • ๐Ÿ™‚ they do offer free ones to low income … but I do not use that…and this was over 7 years ago and you know my boyfriend pulled over and put the truck in resverse and found the phone and it was not broke at all..oh the good ol phone days where they were tough lol..

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