Google to censor adult content

As Emma Wollacott noted in Forbes, “Many of the blogs currently labelled “adult” have had that tag slapped on them by Google itself – and the blog owners don’t necessarily agree. Affected blogs have included those covering LGBT issues and sex education, for example.”

For those who’d rather migrate to a blog on a different platform with more liberal policies (such as WordPress or Tumblr), Google provided a link to a page providing instructions on how to archive or export your posts and other content…

10 thoughts on “Google to censor adult content

  1. This kind of thing wouldn’t happen if people would police themselves–but they don’t. I’m not a huge fan of porn and one would think that the people who make it would know that Flickr
    groups named “Juried Exhibition” – And “Art Tate” are probably
    not the right places for macros of someone’s cervix…Oh well –Now I’m ranting..:)

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