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2/4/2015, Opioid and heroin crisis triggered by doctors overprescribing painkillers

In a comprehensive investigation, the scientists show that since 2002, new cases of non-medical abuse have declined, yet painkiller overdose deaths have soared; evidence, they say, that recreational use of painkillers is not a key driver of the opioid crisis. The authors suggest that policymakers should instead focus on preventing new cases of opioid addiction caused by both medical and non-medical use and expanding access to opioid addiction treatment…

And the drug war continues.

How Obama Plans To Combat Prescription Opioid And Heroin Abuse In 2016

Bob Twillman, executive director of the American Academy of Pain Management, in an interview told Forbes that more needs to be done to effectively combat prescription opioid and heroin abuse in the country, even though Obama’s initiatives have merit.

“I think what happens is when people go to the doctor now and they have pain, the first response for most prescribers and many doctors is okay, let me write you a prescription,” he said. “I think there are a lot of other things we can do besides write prescriptions that will help people with their pain — and that’s especially true for people who have chronic pain.”

There are alternatives to ingesting prescription opioids for pain management: accupuncture, chiropractic, psychotherapy and physicial therapy. Twillman believes expanding access and providing reimbursement for these other methods will bring down prescription opioid abuse. But in order for this to happen, prescribers will need to become better educated on alternatives to prescription opioids for pain management, he noted.

Okay, I’ve already tried all of those “alternatives,” as have most chronic pain patients.  It’s like these “experts” are wearing bags over their heads.  And who does Mr. Twillman represent? Because he surely isn’t representing my views as an intractable pain patient.

Lawsuit Seeks to Legalize Doctor-Assisted Suicide for Terminally Ill Patients in NY

Dr. Quill, who is head of palliative care at the University of Rochester Medical Center, said he recently had a patient whose bones were breaking from advanced cancer, and consciously stopped eating and drinking. “It took him about 10 days to die,” Dr. Quill said. “You have to be incredibly disciplined to do it.”

Reviews for jobs at Phoenix House

Counselor (Former Employee), Descanso, CA – October 7, 2014
Cons: work environment

This is an awful place to work. It is run like a boot camp and is FAR FROM TRAUMA INFORMED. Management has no clue about current modalities in recovery and the bottom line is that this place is basically a money making machine. “Counselors” are really just glorified baby sitters and the guy that runs the day to day program enjoys shaming both the residents and the staff.

The kids are bored to death and the case workers and counselors are bottom of the barrel and uninspired. Sad excuse for a recovery program.

If you are hired as a “counselor” you will spend your time standing around making sure the kids aren’t chewing gum or policing dress code issues.

Additionally, there is absolutely NO teamwork. If you are a lowly counselor you are disrespected by office staff, case workers, managers, the facilities guy..etc.. even the cook is allowed to run roughshot over the counselors. I am telling you, this place is just about as sick as they come….
avoid this place …at least you have that choice, the poor kids placed here don’t.

New Study Finds Marijuana To Be Effective Against Depression

See the five categories I’ve listed this under?  Think of all the pain and suffering that includes… At this point, I don’t need any more studies to convince me that medical cannabis should be one of the first-line treatments for these illnesses.  Patients should not have to choose pharmaceuticals first, and try all the other “standard” treatments, before being able to access marijuana.

Cannabis works not only to “treat” certain medical conditions, but also as a preventative for others.

No, medical cannabis will not help everyone — what treatment does?  But with so few options for adequate treatment in all of these categories, this one should not be illegal.  It’s cruel.  It’s inhumane.  It’s like making aspirin illegal.

Remove Bud from the drug scheduling list — it’s the only fair thing to do.