2/1/2015, The HAC No One Wants to Talk About


The program focuses on improved management of pain, agitation, and delirium (PAD). While there are different ways to implement this safety and quality initiative, the evidence-based approach used by the ICU Liberation program is called “the ABCDEF bundle.”

On the surface, the results of this program appear almost miraculous.  And yet, nowhere in this article does it mention how patients were able to manage their pain.

Indiana Woman Convicted of Fetal Homicide and Child Neglect



“Indiana should not join these countries where young pregnant girls are committing suicide at alarming rates; pregnant women are avoiding medical care for fear that any problem in pregnancy will be reported to law enforcement; and mothers are not only going to jail for having abortions, but also for suffering miscarriages and stillbirths,” Sara Ainsworth of the National Advocates of Pregnant Women argued in December….

1/25/2015, The Myth of the Good Guy With a Gun



The evidence against firearm ownership becomes even stronger when suicides and accidents are included in the analysis—guns make both much more likely and more fatal. There can be nothing closer to a consensus in the gun debate than this point. Indeed, every single case-control study ever conducted in the United States has found that gun ownership is a strong risk factor for suicide, even after adjusting for aggregate-level measures of suicidality such as mental illness, alcoholism, poverty, and so on…

1/29/2015, Intergenerational Health

How parents and grandparents influence our risk of mental illness, substance abuse, and other disorders.



And what about chronic pain and PTSD?  Are they also intergenerational?