Study: BMI not a reliable measure of health

But a new UCLA study finds that using BMI to gauge health incorrectly labels 54 million Americans as unhealthy even though they may not be. The study is being published online today in the International Journal of Obesity…

Many employers uses BMI to judge the health of prospective employees and a rule pending before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission would permit insurance companies to charge higher premiums to those with higher BMIs…

First the insurance companies came for the smokers. Now they’re coming for those that are overweight. Because nicotine and sugar are legal drugs. And now the drug war and the insurance companies are coming after those who take prescription drugs, along with every state that wants to put my allergy medicine in the hands of doctors. (Doctors suck.)

Is there a “reliable measure of health”? Does that even exist? How does that work, when we’re all so very different? How many of the measurements used by the medical industry are based on faulty research and analytics? (Like this very study?)

Seems like the media should be asking these questions, but I guess real reporters don’t exist anymore.

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