I took this photo a couple of days ago, and when I read the following words, I’m like, these words match my photo:

I figured it out yesterday while on a walk and I saw a tree. This tree was so tall, it’s branches long and broad and I just looked at it and thought, “Wow, it looks so stable and safe”. And immediately I got the realization of my need for safety…

And perhaps that’s why I love trees so much, because I see them as a symbol for safety. Tall, imposing, protective. Is there anyone who doesn’t love trees? 🙂

Thank you, John Oliver

I can’t tell you how important I think it is for every woman to have access to adequate reproductive health services, including abortion. The first time I ever voted was in 2014, here in New Mexico, against one of these TRAP laws. And I’m happy to say it was defeated.

Thinking of those who go unnamed

From the Albuquerque Journal (2/21/2016):

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque police say a pedestrian was fatally injured after stepping into traffic on I-40. Officer Fred Duran says the incident occurred Saturday shortly after 11:30 p.m. between Wyoming and Eubank boulevards.

According to Duran, police determined the pedestrian had been walking on the freeway for an unknown reason. Then the pedestrian walked into the far right traffic lane was hit by two vehicles.

Authorities pronounced the person dead at the scene. The pedestrian’s identity is not being released pending notification of next of kin…

Go Ahead, Ignore Me

Go ahead, ignore me
Like I’m dirt under your shoe
Just a speck of nothing
Waiting to be screwed

DSC00973 (7)

What does it feel like
to have so much power?
Do you get enjoyment
from watching me cower?

DSC00916.0 (2)

I am your sister,
your daughter, your niece
the gal who cuts your hair
your grandma, Denise

DSC00942 (4)

Don’t treat me as other
as if I’m beneath
When all I am asking
is to live in peace

DSC00939 (2)

DSC00939 (3)

(Photos taken yesterday.)