Dear Mr. Corporate America

February 14, 2016

Mr. Doug Morehead
CEO and Vice-Chairman
CRHMI Management Group
1600 Dove Street, Suite 450
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Re: Vistas at Seven Bar Ranch Apts., Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dear Mr. Morehead:

I am seeking your assistance regarding a Notice to Vacate, which I received a week ago from your Community Manager, Kara Buchman.

Ms. Buchman and I argued about a renewal increase that she told me was mandated by your company. Even though my long term disability benefits were recently terminated (because I couldn’t afford to see a doctor), and my Social Security Disability benefits did not increase this year, I had no choice but to accept Ms. Buchman’s renewal terms (because of the cost to move). Along with my acceptance of the renewal terms, I reported an old maintenance issue (still outstanding as of this date) and my intention to send a more complete list. I also requested a response to my constant and unanswered questions regarding CUBS and how I’m being charged for certain utilities. More on that saga can be found on my blog, here:

Two days after I made the first payment under the renewal terms — and before the lease was prepared and signed — I received a Notice to Vacate taped to my door. No explanations. No complaints of rules being broken, now or in the past. It has taken me this whole week to get over the shock and prepare this letter.

My first thought after receiving Ms. Buchman’s notice was that I was going to be homeless. I believe homelessness is also a problem in your state, so in case you’re wondering how it happens, now you know. It’s a fear that many of the disabled live with, and one that increases pain and stress levels.

Perhaps two months is what the rental industry calls a reasonable amount of time before beginning eviction proceedings, but I’m not the average renter. I’m disabled. In light of my disabilities (and deeper slide into poverty), I am requesting more time under the Notice to Vacate.

I suppose Ms. Buchman thought that the Notice to Vacate would scare me enough to stop complaining — stop trying to encourage her to do her job. I’m also guessing that Ms. Buchman believes my removal will keep her from having to respond to the CUBS issues. However, there is a dispute over the balance on my CUBS account, one which I intend to fight. As far as I know, the discovery process in a lawsuit is the only way to obtain the information I’ve requested about my CUBS bills. And since I can’t afford an attorney or filing fees, I’ll just look forward to responding to the lawsuit CUBS will undoubtedly file against me.

I am also requesting that the monthly rental amount remain unchanged — if not restored to the previous rate before the renewal contract was broken — until I’m able to move. I promise that I’m doing everything I can to find another home and move as quickly as possible. After all, I don’t want to live where I’m not welcome.

I think I’ve been pretty reasonable in my responses to dangerous activities on this property, like the unleashed dog that attacked me last year. And years ago, when Ms. Buchman put out a newsletter requesting that tenants report outside hallway lights that need replacing, I did so. But to this day, the light I reported has yet to be fixed. Because Ms. Buchman has been understanding about my reduced circumstances up to this point, I’ve let a lot of things slide. Since I told her this would no longer be the case, I believe the Notice to Vacate is retaliatory in nature.

So, I don’t think I’m asking for anything unreasonable — maybe just a little compassion. And speaking of compassion, if you’d like to donate to my moving fund (which will get me out of your hair that much quicker), a nice friend of mine set up a GoFundMe site for this purpose, which you can find here:

I hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day, Mr. Morehead. I appreciate your time and consideration and I anxiously await your response.

Johnna Stahl
Albuquerque, New Mexico
(No phone)

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Kara Buchman, Community Manager
Vistas at Seven Bar Ranch Apts.
CORE Realty Holdings Management Inc.

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