Thanks to Lisa, chicken soup for everyone!

Well, not everyone, but since I live alone, I am everyone.


My mother used to tell people, Johnna likes chicken. And she likes chicken. And she also likes chicken.

What can I say? I really love chicken. And being without it makes me sad.

But I found an amazing surprise in my mailbox today (which I don’t check very often). It was a lovely card from my amiga, Lisa at Life of an El Paso Woman. If you’re not following her blog, you should. It’s real easy, just click here:

When I opened the card, something fell out:  it was green and looked suspiciously like money. (Although I’m not the best judge of what money looks like.)

Guess what it was! Go on, guess!

It was chicken money! I mean, money to buy chicken!

DSC00540 (2)

Both Lisa and Kara (follow her too, at sent me private emails with offers of chicken money, which I promptly refused. But Lisa went ahead and sent it anyway, and no doubt Kara would have also — if she had my address. 🙂

Now’s probably a good time to also thank Lisa for the chocolates she sent me at Christmas. Have you ever had See’s Candies? I think it’s a Texas brand. I shaved those chocolates and baked them in several batches of cookies (some which didn’t turn out, embarrassingly and unfortunately).

And as soon as I take a nap, I’ll be heading out the door with the chicken money in my grubby little hands. The making of a huge pot of chicken soup will then commence, and I’ve already promised Lisa that she’ll be able to smell it in El Paso.

Friends are great, aren’t they? Gracias, mis amigas. 😀


The famous ball trees, in my back yard.

Have I mentioned that I really love chicken? 🙂

(Photos taken 1/30/2016 and 2/2/2016.)