Small Claims Court for tenant disputes

Before a tenant can be evicted, a landlord must provide the tenant with a notice that details the reasons for the eviction and gives the tenant an opportunity to either pay rent or fix a lease violation.

It is illegal for a landlord to retaliate against a tenant in New Mexico who has exercised a legal right, including:  complaining to the landlord about unsafe or illegal living conditions

In New Mexico, the fees vary from court to court, but you can expect to pay between $60 and $90 to file the lawsuit.

The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Self Help Center 505-841-9817 (formerly the Pro Se Division) helps people who wish to represent themselves in small claims cases and landlord/tenant disputes.

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Discovery is a process that allows a party in a lawsuit to gather any type of information from any source, such as, other parties, persons, witnesses, or companies that can then be used to support or defend a party.