You Are One Left Turn From Eternal Happiness

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I passed this sign while searching for apartments. The happiness it’s referring to has to do with food (although I forget what kind). It was this sign that told me it was time for a visit to the ducks at a local wetlands park. (Because I’m waiting for the ducks to tell me the secret to eternal happiness.)

DSC00748 (2)


But the snobbish ducks didn’t want anything to do with me, so I made a left turn, where I found that someone had kindly left a butterfly sticker (on the back of a sign) for me to enjoy.


And I found some dancing Cottonwoods. (Shake it, dudes!)


And lovers parking. (If the car’s a rockin’…)


I made another turn, and found what looks like…


The Death Of The American Dream

DSC00758 (3)

Another turn took me down a bridge…

DSC00790 (2)

And onto a path, where I passed a few people, but for the most part, it was empty…


Until an old man pedaled by… (Show off.)

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Making me wonder why someone hasn’t invented a more comfortable bike seat.

It was a longer walk than I had intended (stupid ducks), but it felt good to stretch my legs. Still, I’ve been paying for it ever since (ducks suck).

DSC00122 (3)

Just kidding. 🙂  Of course ducks don’t suck.

DSC00148 (5)

Some of my best friends are ducks.

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Selfie of the day:

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