Police shot dead an Arizona man with Asperger’s after being called to his home to check on his wellbeing.

Kayden Clarke, 24, gained online fame last year after he posted a video demonstrating how his dog, a Rottweiler named Samson, helped him through a meltdown. Clarke identified as a man, but he was known publicly by his birth name, Danielle Jacobs, at the time of the footage.

Mesa police officers showed up at his apartment after receiving multiple calls indicating he may be suicidal around 11 a.m. Thursday…

Detective Esteban Flores said that officers — who were not wearing body cameras — fired after Clarke came towards them holding a knife…

Under comments:

Christopher Luther
I decided some time back that if I believe someone may hurt him or herself, the very last thing I would do is call the police. There is no scenario involving a potentially suicidal individual in which a person armed with a firearm is going to make things better, especially if that person is an American law enforcement officer.


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