Go ahead, screw me over

Thu, Feb 25, 2016 8:39 pm
Re: Letter dated 2/25/2016
From: painkills2@aol.com
To: vistasmanager@crhmi.com, vmanager@corerealtyholdings.com
Cc: customercare@crhmi.com, egoodman@crhmi.com, dmorehead@crhmi.com, dougmorehead@crhmi.com, info@corerealtyholdings.com

Dear Ms. Buchman:

I am in receipt of your letter dated 2/25/2016, regarding my request for an extension of the Notice to Vacate. Funny, even at this late date, you have refused to cite the reason for serving me with this notice. I guess it would be hard to state for the record that you have no adequate reason for throwing a disabled, paying tenant out onto the street.

And now you’re demanding that I pay a doctor to complete a Reasonable Accommodation Request Form in order for you to consider an extension. Let me remind you (from my email of 2/14/2016):

“Even though my long term disability benefits were recently terminated (because I couldn’t afford to see a doctor), and my Social Security Disability benefits did not increase this year, I had no choice but to accept Ms. Buchman’s renewal terms (because of the cost to move).”

You know that I am unable to satisfy this request, which is undoubtedly why you made it. Unless you’re offering to pay for me to see a doctor to fill out your 3-page form? Because even Unum (my former long-term disability insurance carrier) refused to do that. And we all know why — because it saves them money. But this isn’t a question of money, is it Ms. Buchman?

I spent 25 years being addicted to the medical industry for pain management, and breaking those chains almost took my life. And now you (and Unum) want to push me back into this quagmire of expensive and useless doctor visits? I can’t tell you how much I want to describe, in full detail, what you can do with your form.

I also can’t tell you how painful and long the process is for receiving disability benefits. And yet, Social Security’s decision isn’t good enough for you? You require more proof that I’m disabled?

Do you remember, Ms. Buchman, when we used to be friends? When I brought you and your staff Crispy Creme donuts and home-baked goods? I’ve tried to make this relationship work, but it’s not my fault that you refuse to do your job. (And I have the photos to prove it.)

I had a dream that I was living in another apartment while I took you, CRHMI, and CUBS to court. (And considering the amount of additional pain and agony that you’ve made me suffer, I’m thinking about suing you personally, too.) It was an awesome dream, and I have to wonder if it’s a portent of things to come. Wouldn’t that be just freaking fantastic?

Go ahead, Ms. Buchman, screw me over. I can’t wait to take pictures of the police removing a poor, disabled white woman from your premises.

Johnna Stahl

F*ck you, Windows

Each and every day, there’s a new Windows update. And each and every day, the update fucks with my computer. Specifically, with my photos, which means I can’t practice art therapy whenever I need to.

I’m not sure I can explain what happens, but the updates frequently require me to move photos around into other files so that I can access them. It’s like the updates mess with the integrity of my files. And when there’s an update waiting (which is, like, all the time), the copies I make of photos end up at the bottom of the file, instead of right next to the photo I made a copy of.

It’s gone beyond irritating, and if Windows thinks I’m going to update to the new version without having fixed this problem, they can fuck off.

Okay, this rant hasn’t made me feel any better, but it’s been a long time coming…


In one British study, researchers found that we swear to cope with situations that make us feel strong emotions, and that a good string of expletives can actually help us endure pain…

Thinking of you, Daniel Haslam


(CNN) The Australian Parliament passed a measure Wednesday legalizing medical marijuana…

The decision came exactly a year after 25-year-old Daniel Haslam lost his life to terminal bowel cancer. Haslam used medical marijuana to ease his pain and nausea before he died last February.

His mother, Lucy, started a medical cannabis advocacy group called United in Compassion and petitioned for the government to make it legal.

Australian Sen. Richard Di Natale brought up Haslam’s story before Parliament on Wednesday. “It is incredibly fitting that today we are passing this bill which is one step towards making medicinal cannabis accessible to people like Dan,” Di Natale said.

“Thank you to Lucy for everything you have done. Please know that your family’s grief, pain and suffering has not been in vain and this is a legacy that Dan will leave here in Parliament.”

DSC06476 - Copy (2)


A federal court judge in Vancouver on Wednesday ruled that medical marijuana patients have the Constitutional right to grow their own cannabis, striking down a ban introduced by Canada’s previous Conservative government…