Five Times National Heroin Use And They Are Worried About Fentanyl?

Abraxus said:  Fentanyl is an incredible high, as it is much more potent than heroin. The problem lies with its duration of action. Fentanyl does not last long at all. As such, when one develops a tolerance to it, they need to redose constantly to avoid severe withdrawals. The shorter the action, the more intense the withdrawals are, but they don’t last as long…  Also, unless you have a very high tolerance, DO NOT FUCK WITH FENTANYL. It is active in the microgram levels and therefore is extremely dangerous to someone without a large tolerance. A couple of milligrams can easily kill a non-tolerant user. Also, if you have pure fentanyl, it’s extrodinarily difficult to get an accurate dose therefore creating a large danger of overdose. If you manage to not kill yourself and develop a bad fentanyl; habit, congratulations, you have King Motherfucking Kong of a monkey on your back. As far as price, H is ridiculously cheaper especially considering the fact that you’ll need to redose on fentanyl every 2 hours to stay well, unlike H that lasts at least 6.

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Re: fentanyl compared to morphine and mcg to mg
For an opioid naive person, 100mcg of Fentanyl IV is certainly a strong dose. And SWIY is right, 100mcg of Fentanyl IV is equal to 10mg Morphine IV. The standardardised IV doses of opioids for severe pain are; Morphine(10mg), Fentanyl(100mcg), Diamorphine(5mg), Oxycodone(5mg), Hydromorphone(2mg), Oxymorphone(1mg), Pethidine(100mg), Buphrenorphine(600mcg).

That’s because Fentanyl is never taken orally, for medical use it’s taken either intravenous, transdermal(through the skin, with patches) or buccal(through the mouth lining). Fentanyl has a low oral bioavailability, and should be taken through other routes than orally, if possible. Patches for example, can be taken sublingually(under one’s tongue), which has a much higher bioavailability than oral intake.

Heroin is twice as potent as Morphine, but simmilar in potency to Oxycodone…–/show/44471

mrmichael67 said (Jun 11, 2003):  …I felt like withdrawal was a bit more nasty from the fentanyl. But, that could also have been my elevated tolerance causing it. I am not really sure on that one. I do know many doctors drop their patients off after the 25ug/hr patch and their patients get sick as hell. A 25ug/hr patch is equal to between 7-8 10mg Norco a day. There are people that are taking that much Norco a day and want to start tapering. The 25ug/hr patch may be the lowest strength made, but it sure as hell isn’t the end of the road as far as tapering goes. I think that is where people get into trouble with it. “It’s the lowest strength, so where else is there to go?” Well, many doctors try to get by with that thinking. And, many people suffer because of that.

One more thing: Once it is metabolized, heroin is, for all purposes, morphine. That is why I used morphine in my last post. If one were to do a urinalysis, heroin is only detectable as heroin for six hours after ingestion. There is one short living metabolite from heroin that is detectable for up to six hours. After that, the person will test positive for morphine. In the first six hours, the person will test positive for morphine as well, but further investigation will reveal the heroin. After six hours, it will only show morphine.

You have to wonder how the DEA has determined there is a heroin epidemic if lab tests, to be accurate, have to be taken within a certain amount of time.

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