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To: Kara Buchman, Apartment Manager

Let me tell you a little story. Since it just happened, all the details are still fresh in my mind. But since it was terrifying, I’m sure they always will be.

I’ve been meaning to request a visit from pest control, but it’s just another service that I’ve requested in the past which usually takes weeks to accomplish. Not wanting to deal with that frustration has led me to refrain from asking, even though it entails me having to live with bugs.

There are the June bugs that enter through the cracks in my front door (which I’ve mentioned to you before). They don’t bother me so much. It’s the large roaches in my bathroom that make my heart pound.

Now, what’s in my bathroom that attracts these monsters? Could it be the leaky toilet that your maintenance crew can’t seem to fix? Even after work that involved removing the whole toilet? Could the roaches be coming in from behind the baseboards that were shoddily replaced when the new tile was laid? (Also previously mentioned to you, including photos.)

Even though I told you that the toilet was still leaking when I renewed my lease 3 months ago, I didn’t make a specific request for maintenance because, as I said, what’s the point since you can’t seem to fix it? And I have the emails from the first time I reported this maintenance problem, which show how unconcerned your office was at that time too.

Instead, I’ve covered the area in duct tape, including the baseboards, but obviously that isn’t working. And just because I didn’t make a specific request for you to fix the leaky toilet, in the interest of maintaining your own property, don’t you think it would have been wise to put in the work order yourself? Of course not — why spend money if you don’t have to?

One of the symptoms of suffering from a chronic pain condition is insomnia. I usually don’t sleep more than a couple of hours at a time. When I awoke from a nap around 10:30pm on Friday, July 3rd, I was greeted during my visit to the bathroom by yet another huge roach. It was so big that when I tried flushing it down the toilet, it was able to keep from drowning and reappeared after the first flush was complete. I just love paying rent for these unwanted roommates.

Have I mentioned that I have a fear of bugs?

So, I try to go back to sleep, and this time I am awakened by a huge roach on my arm. I can honestly say that this has never happened to me before. I began to wonder if roaches were smarter than we give them credit for, and if this roach was related to the one I killed earlier, set on getting revenge for the recent death in his family. And then I remembered an old episode of the TV show “House,” about a man who came into the clinic with a roach in this ear.

And then I wondered if I can sue you for the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress. After all, I don’t know how I’m going to get any sleep until my apartment is able to be sprayed for bugs. And since you only have pest control visits every Thursday, and my requests for pest control in the past have actually taken weeks before they’re done, I’m going to be suffering for quite a long time without enough sleep.

I’m also wondering, when you have the same problem in your own apartment, if you can easily pick up the phone and have pest control arrive shortly thereafter.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m going to be posting this story on my blog, even though I’m embarrassed to be living in a roach-infested apartment. And even though I would rather not mention where I live on the internet, I’ll be including the name of this roach trap — Vistas at Seven Bar Ranch (or Core Vistas), Albuquerque, NM — so that anyone doing a Google search can find this information.

The End.

76 thoughts on “Roaches

  1. wow, both guns blazing! do it to it, chica!

    btw, the only way to kill roaches and keep them from coming back is BORAX. you can buy it in bottles in the same location Raid is sold. the bottles are full of powder Borax and you just put the powder all along the edges of the room(s), maybe by your door(s), edges of the whole bathroom and kitchen, etc. you can do carpeted rooms on all edges too if needed.

    BORAX stays active for like a month, unless you sweep, mop, or vacuum it. in any case, you can pick up the old Borax and lay down new whenever you want, but like i say, it does last quite a while.

    When i moved into my current apt 10 mos ago, it had roaches. not a terrible infestation where i opened cabinets and saw them holding military training, but not good either. they had to go.
    i laid borax in all the tiled rooms on the edges, in front of the door, and outside my apt and where i saw cracks in the sidewalk and building outside of my apt. I have seen only about a dozen roaches since, so that is less than 12 roaches in 8 months (and i haven’t seen any in the last 3 months at all).

    Also, my building offers bug spraying every thursday as well, and i spoke to the spray guy about how i use borax. he said its the only thing that works. he said the spray he uses, which is the current ‘top of the line’ is primarily borax, plus some other damaging poisons as well. so i figure between my borax powder and the spray guy’s borax spray, i’m not gonna be seeing any more bugs at all.

    Hope it works for you!! its super easy and really effective and long lasting and cheap-what more could you want?! πŸ˜‰

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    • The lady at Walmart and I are confused. First she showed me where the Raid was at, but no Borax. Then she showed me where the Borax was at, but it says it’s a laundry detergent. We read all the different uses on the box, and none of them said it killed roaches. So, I didn’t get it.

      This is what Wikipedia says: “First registered in 1946 by the EPA as an insecticide with various restrictions, all restrictions were removed in February 1986 due to the low toxicity of Borax, as published in two EPA documents relating to boric acid and borax.”

      Perhaps you could be more specific as to which product you’re talking about and which store I need to go to?

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  2. Eww! I hate cockroaches so much! I was just going to say buy Raid because it usually works but… Borax sounds a lot better. Lol your emails! I remember that House episode, it really grossed me out!

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    • ps i would Never eat a roach, not even for $1 million! And I don’t think I could fall asleep if i knew one crawled on me. Eww roaches are SOOOO gross. freak me out and make me paranoid.

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      • and oh, (wish i could remember everything to say it all at once!) i meant to say that the laundry kind and the pests kind are the same thing–both boron or boric acid. so use either! πŸ™‚

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        • i don’t blame you a bit. once run to walmart is plenty for the day. i am mentally and physically exhausted if i have one thing a day to do. i hate days when i accidentally schedule 2 things to do. then im just worthless for the rest of the day.

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        • I’ll check that link later, Kat, and it may even be the same mineral but in a different form. But I speak the truth about boron – I take 9mg a day of Source Naturals Triple Boron, and it was key in me reversing my osteoporosis.

          Borax and boric acid are slightly different, too – see link I posted for Jo earlier today πŸ™‚

          L. X

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        • well, they are different forms of the element boron. y’know, like salts, acids, more or less electrons, etc. but all from boron. ps i did not know about the medical uses.

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        • Few people do, but results from trials treating severe osteoarthritis were very promising, and boron in medical form carries the instruction for the body to repair damaged bones and joints.

          I confess I’ve got a head-start on you,because nutritional therapy was my old job πŸ™‚ So if you ever want to know about what’s good for a specific problem, shout me and I’ll help if I can πŸ™‚

          I imagine boric acid is considerably cheaper than boron supplements at $7-8 a pot of 180 x3mg caps! X

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        • it is interesting that medicine/science/industry on the whole is able to make such a variety of uses from one kind of element. and the various uses may or may not seem logical.

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        • And bicarb good for all manner of household and personal care, too. Wonderful stuff and I keep a stock,of it in the cupboard, along with white vinegar. Do you have Aggie and Kim over there? How Clean I Your House? They seem to clean most everything with white vinegar, newspaper, lemon juice and bicarb.

          I’ve used bicarb to stop acid reflux, too. X

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        • no we dont have those shows, but you are right vinegar is great for anything you scrub or anything made of glass or chrome or windows. all those items you mention are all weak acids, so it makes sense they can all do cleaning, personal hygiene and lots of other things too!

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        • Absolutely πŸ™‚

          And I detest the way that all these money grabbing companies discredit the old faithful remedies we’ve been safely using for centuries, just to scare us into spending money on harsh chemicals which hurt us, the environment, other animals.

          I even go through phases of making my own toothpaste with bicarb, salt, ascorbyl,palmitate, and a bunch of essential oils like rosemary, tea tree, oregano, mint and others. Awesome stuff.

          And I’m vehemently opposed to the scaremongering around destroying ALL kitchen germs – as far as I can see, all these disinfectants prevent a child’s immune system from developing normally.

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        • Some people just don’t think these things through. I can’t believe so many people are taken in by it. But then I can’t believe we’ve re-elected such a malevolent bunch of devious lying shiny faced villains back into Downing St again, either. That’s another 4 years of misery for sick and disabled people right there. Some people don’t have the sense they were born with.

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    • Perhaps my Walmart just doesn’t carry it. Here’s what I got when I clicked on both links:

      User painkills2 Cannot Access the Dashboard Requested

      You are logged in as “painkills2” and do not have the necessary privileges to access the dashboard for “Me: Finding the Missing Pieces”.

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  3. We lived a few weeks in a trailer that was thoroughly infested with both the regular ones and the huge water bug type you find in the bathroom. They were in our food and fell off while we slept and landed on us and were just everywhere. It freaked me out and i was pregnant. No way we were bringing a baby into there. Thank heavens we got base housing a few weeks later.

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    • that sounds absolutely horrifying! so glad you got to move out so quick. i was in one place growing up where i took out the drawers in the kitchen and there was an entire motherload nest-thing of them. it turned into an all afternoon-evening event, where i sprayed Raid, waited, knocked them out, swept them up, repeat, rinse later…except they were trying to escape me and the kitchen the whole time, so i kept the huge ocean-like flood at bay with my shoes and the broom and the Raid. Took forever to sweep up the dead ones when they finally were all dead. it was like half a garbage bag. Eww. but they had not yet ventured into the bedrooms, thank god.

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  4. Hope the boric acid/ borax (is there a difference? I know there’s a difference between baking powder and bicarbonate of soda, even though they have similar uses, so I never really know when the name seems to have the same root…..)

    What a louse of a landlord! No pun intended. Well, maybe a little one πŸ™‚

    Really hope you get this sorted out ASAP. Bill her for the Borax/ boric acid, and your time, and your distress if she doesn’t pull her finger out and get it fully resolved for you. She gets your money every month. It’s HER responsibility to keep the property in good, liveable order. What’s in your lease agreement about things like this?
    L. x

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    • actually, bicarbonate of soda or sodium bicarbonate, is baking soda. it is used (historically) as a tonic for indigestion and emesis and for sore throats, as well as having been used commonly, til the last few decades, as a tooth cleaner.

      also, i have a certain kidney disease (RTA Combined Type) that make my potassium too high and my salt (electrolytes) too low, and that leads to my blood becoming acidic, which could cause unsymptomatic death. my nephro has me on sodium bicarb tablets, and has told me if i ever get in a bind, to use baking soda as it is the same stuff. except baking soda is terribly salty and gross to eat out of a box while the pills are much less disgusting.

      to be clear, baking POWDER is not part of this conversation. it is completely different. We are talking about baking SODA being the same as sodium bicarbonate.

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      • Yes, bicarb is a great alkaline- making substance, and excellent for neutralising acid.
        Interestingly, in the UK they tend to use bicarb interchangeably with baking powder.
        I have the opposite problem to you in that my sodium is always low because I have diodgy adrenals which means I kick out more sodium than is good for me, and my potassium is also naturally low. With 600mg potassium chloride a day, it stays mid-range, but despite eating as much table salt as I want, my sodium is still low.
        I still don’t know the difference between baking powder and baking soda! πŸ˜‰

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        • me either–powder and soda. for my problem, i once had my first nephro tell me to buy a salt lick. he said i should eat as much salt all the time as possible, so that it would help bind with the k+ and not let the k+ get too high., to avoid electronic disruption of the beats of the heart caused by the high k+. i am also supposed to be avoiding or eating small amounts infrequently of potassium foods, as i am always close to the high level.

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        • Yes, dead right. The leading cause of cardiac events is hyperkalaemia, so all this bollocks about Low/No salt diets (with someone obvious exceptions) is frankly dangerous. High K disrupts the healthy electrical rhythm of the heart, so you definitely need to be as educated as you are to manage your condition safely. Step AWAY from the potassium! X

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        • hi k+ = anything over 200mg per serving. so, here is a list of a few…..

          plus there are more, like noodles, chocolate, any starchy vegetable (green beans, corn, peas).

          i find that all the fruits that i love are on this list, i find that all the vegetables that are cheap and that i grew up with and love are also on this list. i find yogurt, sour cream, potatos, potato chips, even lean red meat, on my list as hi in k+. but i have to remember not to eat the med risk k+ either, cuz if i have it more days than not, its just the same as eating the ones hi in k+.

          so, if you take a way part of my dairy, my chocolate, my fruits, my vegetables, and make my lean red meat portions so small that i don’t need to cut it…then i am left with very little to eat. i am aware of one thing that is on the low k+ list, that i was told to eat a lot of– prickly pear cactus pads. that ain’t gonna happen–ever. so i pretty eat how i normally would, i do try avoiding entire bag of potato chips, with baked potatoes for dinner, with red tomato sauce on noodle in the same day, but pretty much i figure im good if the swelling stays down.

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        • Wow, I knew potassium was abundant in foods, but I had no idea it was to this extent!
          Did you see from the borax article you linked to that borax has resolved some types of kidney disease? Would it help you?

          Good grief, all this from a colony of roaches invading poor Jo’s apartment! Who’d have thunk it?

          Just ordered me some borax πŸ™‚ I’ll give anything a go, and I agree with the author about fluoride damaging thyroid function, which is another of my problems, so I’ll monitor any improvements with great interest!

          L. X

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        • Good idea, though I think borax has zero insecticide properties, as according to that article. I hope you manage to find some boric acid, even if it doesn’t list killing roaches as one of its abilities, it will still work if it’s boric acid. It’s like they don’t list the antiseptic and healing properties of table salt, but it still has them πŸ™‚

          To be sceptical, of COURSE they’re going to remove any useful properties that they want to sell expensive toxic substances for instead. It’s still the same principle as Big Pharma decrying natural antivirals etc, because they don’t want the competition.

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      • she is the one with the responsibility to maintain normal living standards. what you describe is not to that standard. you are right on with that letter you shared that you are going to get to her. you could sue. bugs carry infectious things, you or someone else, could become ill. it is not unheard of. she the landlady person, needs to deal with this. maybe even send the letter you wrote to her to some radio stations, tv stations, newspapers. it could become a real story in the community.

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        • I mean we use baking soda and baking powder interchangeably in baking and cooking.

          I use bicarb to rinse my mouth with if I’ve taken Apple Cider Vinegar, because the ACV can melt tooth enamel otherwise, and chemo destroyed a lot of mine, so I have to be careful with what’s left! I keep a tub of it in the bathroom, along with a cup and a measuring spoon and a bottle of mineral water.

          I also use it to neutralise salicylic acid face peel stuff, ditto lactic acid (you paint the stuff on, leave for a few minutes, then either apply expensive Neutralising Agent, or bicarb. It fizzes with the acids on contact πŸ™‚ Always makes me laugh πŸ™‚

          And hey, I am now awaiting an order of borax (and a kg of bicarb, some dead sea salt, epsom salt, and some fuller’s earth, all pharmaceutical grade, all dirt cheap). Can’t wait to get started with the borax for intestinal cleansing of candida etc, maybe my inflammation levels will finally go down.

          Thanks SO much for posting that article, Kat. Who knows if I would have even discovered borax as a health aid without you!

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        • Reciprocity always a good thing! I’m waiting
          for my borax to arrive, and can’t wait to see if it has any beneficial effect on me in terms of better energy, killing off yeast, etc. i know boron doesn’t do that, but borax (which according to your article turns into boric acid and water -and something else?- on contact with stomach acid) is supposed to. Fingers crossed! Will keep you posted. X

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  5. Here’s some stuff about diatomaceous earth, which kills any insect with an exoskeleton, like roaches, fleas etc. Is what people used on animals (non toxic) before they invented flea medications for owners to spend money on and poison their cats and dogs at the same time. We’ve used diatomaceous earth when we had a horrible cat flea infestation a few years ago, and you can also buy a higher quality human grade one for taking internally, and that helps keep your gut clear of anything that shouldn’t be sticking to the gut wall but it, like parasites, over-balance of bad bacteria following anti-biotics, etc. Anyway, it got rid of our fleasl, which were in the carpet and one sofa that I got off ebay (serve me right, I suppose)
    Loads of articles online about diatomaceous earth, but this is a good starting point –

    It works by literally cutting into the exoskeleton, and I’ve only seen use recommended where it gets onto their outsides and kills them by Death By A Thousand Cuts from contact. I can’t say how it affects them when they eat it along with cocoa powder, as this article discusses, but we still add it to our cats’ food periodically to keep worm burdens down and it doesn’t hurt the cats. The human grade stuff (confusingly, the pet and insecticide stuff is called Food Grade, but you mustn’t eat that) is what we take ourselves (when I remember, but we give the cheaper Food Grade stuff to the cats.

    The stuff is a weird open honeycomb structure, which is what gives it the microscopically tiny but lethally (to exoskeletons) sharp edges that slice into them. The insect then essentially “bleeds” to death. They become dehydrated and die.

    I think the Food Grade (non-human use) stuff is very cheap, and this article says you can get it cheaply in hardware stores in the States.

    Worth a go?

    Really hate that you’ve got yet another thing to have to deal with! It juts doesn’t stop, does it? It’s all so fucking relentless!

    L. x

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  6. Roach Saga, Part 2

    I went to Home Depot this morning and they don’t have boric acid either. I’m beginning to think that my roaches have an internet connection and they are plotting against me. πŸ™‚

    The article linked by Fibro Chick says I can use the laundry detergent and at least I know where I can get that. So, it’s back to Walmart I go for some Borax… maybe tomorrow.


    • ya as she pointed out, laundry borax is low percentage, with the exception of 20 mule team’ brand. that one may be stronger, since it was ‘excepted’ from that statement. good luck! i think Anything with Boron in it is going to work better than not.

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  7. Oh, ffs, just did a comment, page flashed over to a new post about windmills, now my comment,which I hadn’t posted because I was trying to reveal the Post button has sodding well vanished. Aarrrgggh.

    Kat, thanks so much for posting that link to the boron, borax, boric acid article – fascinating, and right up my street. This is what I love about natural medicine, I’m always finding out new things, even when I think I’ve got a good handle on what any particular nutrient does.

    I’m dismayed to see from that article that borax is not for sale in the EU, i.e., I won’t be able to get any, unless as the article says, I can find it on ebay. I can see that borax might work differently from my boron caps. I’ve saved the article – would you mind if I reblogged the link so I can add to the info it gives? Only the other thing I know for 100% certainty works at removing soft-tissue dumped calcium is Vit K2 – I did a post about it recently. I suppose it makes sense that because boron is the Repair Damage signal, that calcium will be instructed by boron to move back into the bones, but the article says this can cause initially worse symptoms with borax and takes a long time to achieve. K2 pulls any excess blood calcium and other soft-tissue-dumped calcium out of those places and sends it to the bones and teeth (teeth are technically bones, too). I reversed my osteoporosis within 9 months of Vit D3, Vit K2, AdCalD3, and boron (also magnesium, silica and progesterone). K2 works very fast, with different types working at different rates and with different half-lives. MK4 K2 works very fast, but only lasts a few hours in the body (is what they use in Japan for osteoporosis) whilst MK7 is slower, but lasts more than 24 hours. I have blood tests that prove how fast both of these forms of K2 work in relation to lowering blood calcium, bone scans showing improvement of 7 years’ worth of increasingly bad osteoporosis after 3-4 months, then double that improvement after another 4 months.

    I’m not positive that borax solution will work much differently from boron supps, but I’m excited enough by that article to want to try it – I think I’ve already sorted out my calcium-muscle-cramps issues, which is what he seems to be saying is the primary cause for muscle pain, stiffness etc in terms of chronic muscle pain and fibro, so I don’t think it will necessarily be the miracle cure the article suggests it might be, BUT I’m always up for trying new things,so I’m off to source me some borax!

    Thanks again,Kat! πŸ™‚

    L. X

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