…former drug czar William J. Bennett and federal prosecutor Robert A. White…

It does no good to fight legalization efforts by lying.  Sure, these guys are trying to sell a book, but the only people who will believe them are the people who want to believe them, regardless of the facts.

It’s sad, really… the anti-drug coalition denying children and adults who are suffering access to medicine that’s so much safer than most drugs on the market today.  Are they trying to kill us all?

One thought on “The Problem With Pot

  1. It is insane the way drug policy has been made in this country. I am very far from being anti-modern medicine, it has saved my life. But at the same time, when something so clearly has many benefits, with very low negative side-effects, it should not be fought against. It’s all about the money, and prior to that, was all about racism.

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