You know how some bottles of Dawn dishwashing soap have a picture of a bird covered in oil being washed?

6/22/2010, Why Dawn Is The Bird Cleaner Of Choice In Oil Spills

When asked whether they have to use Dawn, Nevill replies, “Dawn definitely works the best. It very effectively removes grease but does not cause harm to the skin of the birds.”

What the company doesn’t advertise — and these days is reluctant to admit — is that the grease-cutting part of the potion is made from petroleum…

I have to admit that the oily bird is one of the reasons I buy Dawn.  However, I thought that part of the purchase price of a bottle of Dawn was donated to wildlife groups — see, there’s a picture right on the front!  But you have to read and understand the fine print to realize that’s not true.

But that’s not the only reason I buy this product.  I’ve tried cheaper dishwashing soaps, but a little Dawn goes a long way, especially in hard water. I know this product is more expensive, but I’m willing to pay a little extra, you know, to help save the birds.  And because it works.

Many products on the market today have labels that are confusing, like the one pictured above. It takes time and effort to understand what these labels really stand for…

New MexiCann advertises that they are “The Only NM Producer with National ASA Patient Focused Certification.”  So, what does that mean?  Right now, not much.  Although I assume that in the future, it may mean that the price of your medicine has been increased to cover the cost of a dispensary sporting this label.

Considering the prices in New Mexico are already too high (and that dispensaries are also looking at increased costs due to the most recent rule changes), I also assume that when other dispensaries begin to adopt this certification, the prices will increase even further. You can compare prices in Colorado (a state that already has many of these regulations) to those in New Mexico to know that prices are too high in this state (for various reasons).

The medical cannabis experience is not the same as when patients take prescription drugs, a market that’s been regulated for a very (very) long time.  Patients have to educate themselves so that they know when they are being hoodwinked, especially when it comes to quality and price.  How many patients will do the research?  Or will they just accept what they see on the label?

And I don’t think it’s fair that New MexiCann has this advantage over the other dispensaries in New Mexico — because advertising labels like this work, but are expensive to purchase, license, and renew.  Not a problem for New MexiCann, the largest, most powerful, most connected, and one of the first dispensaries here in New Mexico.

I think legalization is the only way to make (uninsured) prices come down, which would be the best thing for all patients in any medical cannabis program.  So, I’m always wondering who is for legalization and who is against, and the reasons for their beliefs.  And I have a feeling that when it comes down to it, there will be some dispensaries who will keep fighting against legalization to protect their own territories.

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