F*ck you, Windows

Each and every day, there’s a new Windows update. And each and every day, the update fucks with my computer. Specifically, with my photos, which means I can’t practice art therapy whenever I need to.

I’m not sure I can explain what happens, but the updates frequently require me to move photos around into other files so that I can access them. It’s like the updates mess with the integrity of my files. And when there’s an update waiting (which is, like, all the time), the copies I make of photos end up at the bottom of the file, instead of right next to the photo I made a copy of.

It’s gone beyond irritating, and if Windows thinks I’m going to update to the new version without having fixed this problem, they can fuck off.

Okay, this rant hasn’t made me feel any better, but it’s been a long time coming…


In one British study, researchers found that we swear to cope with situations that make us feel strong emotions, and that a good string of expletives can actually help us endure pain…

15 thoughts on “F*ck you, Windows

  1. I have windows 10 did the upgrade and still trying to find files and most of my other shitt… But still learning windows 10 ….I also heard that once you upgrade you can not watch a dvd on your computer I have not tried this just yet but and I know it seems like a little problem but I can only watch a dvd on here since we do not have a player here…
    On to good news fuck fuck fuck shitt I should be really healthy now.
    Not so hot but healthy lol… and it makes me feel better to cuss sometimes you have to, to get the point across ..It seems when you cuss people pay more attention to you when you are upset or mad…
    HUGGGGGS gurl

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  2. Oh sweet Jesus, Microsoft is pissing me the hell off. I had 7 pro and was perfectly happy with it, then I started getting popups every hour telling me ‘congrats, you can upgrade to 10 for free!’. I kept putting it off until I got sick of being harassed and eventually downgraded (definitely not an upgrade) to 10. It was okay in the beginning, but I swear the stupid thing updates every other day, and when it does, some random part of my pc stops working. After my SSD, DVD drive, and USB ports stopped working, I had to format the drives and reinstall everything. I wanted to revert back to 7, but my new drive shipped set to IDE and I ended up having to migrate 10 back over to the new drive. Fuck.

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    • I agree with you – I was more than happy with Win7. Right now my biggest barrier is that there is no way for me to try to uninstall and reinstall the print drivers for my 4-in-1 laser printer on Win10. The manufacturer of the printer sent me an executable to remove any old driver info from the pc, but even that doesn’t work. Bring back uninstall, bitches.

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  3. Every time I turn on my computer it tells me to install Windows 10. No. Call me a Fudd duddy, but prove yourself to me first. So there.

    On Mythbusters they actually proved you can handle more pain when you are swearing than when you aren’t. It was a very elaborate set up, they did a few tests, and each time, people hurt less when they swore.
    So now when I have a procedure done and it’s going to hurt, I warn them that I’ll probably cuss because Mythbusters proved it wouldn’t hurt as bad. 😛

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  4. Photos are often ordered by date, so You might be listing you files by date, instead of name.

    Click the header on the column of files displayed in details view of folder.

    Windows has never been user friendly like MACs are, but it’s become a necessary evil these days when you can’t afford Apple products.

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  5. If you have Windows 10 what it’s doing is changing your default file associations. It’s sad that Microsoft has decided that the users are idiots who can’t be trusted with their own property. Windows !0 usually let’s you know when it’s changed the default associations. Here is a link to a Microsoft help page.

    Ignore the download silver light prompt:


    Click the line that reads ‘Set your default programs’ and follow the instructions. If that fails send a sharp letter to Microsoft with a cc to techrepublic, and any media outlets itching to pounce on them.

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