Please welcome Daisy and Danny to my blog.

01DSC00775 (2)

This is Daisy:

DSC00776 (2)

And this is her lover, Danny:


They were thrilled to be guests on my blog. 🙂

DSC00778 (2)

(Daisy and Danny have been living together for years, so they don’t talk much.)

Hi, Danny, I can see how busy you are, so thanks for your time.

DSC00779 (2)

(Note:  I will be translating for my donkey friends.)

Danny:  You’re welcome. Do you have a question?


Me:  You have a nice smile, Danny. I was just wondering what it was like, living the donkey life?

DSC00781.0 (2)

Danny:  Do you think my shadow looks fat?

DSC00789.0 (2)

Me:  Huh?

Danny:  Mostly our lives are boring, but we do enjoy sex once in awhile…

DSC00783 (2)

Danny:  You know what I mean, right? Have you ever heard of donkey porn?

Me:  Excuse me, I believe Daisy wants to join the conversation…

DSC00784 (5)

Daisy:  Don’t listen to that jackass, we haven’t had sex in a decade.

DSC00785 (3)

Daisy:  But we love to play Scrabble for Donkeys.


Me:  Hey, Danny, what’s that ball of light? It looks like it’s made out of rainbows…

DSC00787 (2)

Danny:  Did I forget to tell you that I’m your fairy godmother?

Me:  Is there anything else that ya’ll would like to share?

DSC00788.0 (2)

Danny:  How about a kiss? You know, to better the relations between donkeys and humans…

Me:  Dude, that’s gross. Didn’t you tell me earlier that you wrote a poem?

Daisy:  I wrote the poem. Danny doesn’t even like to read.

Me:  Well, thanks again for being guests on my blog. This was fun! Now, the floor is yours, Daisy.

Her Liberty
By Daisy the Donkey

There once was a donkey named Daisy
Known in her day to be quite lazy
But in all honest truth
She rarely expended energy
Unless it was done
rather cleverly
And while she was enjoying
Her Liberty

Danny:  Wait, I have one, too!

When The Cows Came Home
By Danny the Donkey

There once was a donkey
from Albuquerque
Prideful and stubborn
and ornery

And then to his surprise
he found a weed growing wildly
and he smoked that shit
until the cows came home

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