2 thoughts on “Here comes more states that will be just like Florida

  1. ‘like’ as in ‘not like’. how does the DEA know that all those patients are being ‘abused’ by being prescribed pain medicine? did they read every single patient’s chart to determine they were addicts rather than patients? and how come DEA gets to decide how many scripts written is ‘too’ many? again, did the read all the charts and logs of every patient? is a doctor supposed to stop prescribing after a certain number per month, damn the patients who don’t get helped? why does the DEA not stick to its real job–countering and stopping illegal drugs from being distributed in our country from others, keep these illegal and purely recreational drugs off the streets, away from our kids and communities, where they are actually helping Americans instead of making them into targets.

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    • I don’t think the DEA arrested any patients, they just shut down the clinics and pharmacies that patients go to. Some of these places are looked at as “pill mills” that cater to those addicted to drugs and the underground market, but pain patients also frequent these kinds of places. Patients who suffer from chronic pain and can’t find a doctor to prescribe the medications that help can end up at these pill mills because they don’t have any other choice (except the underground market).

      There is a daily limit for each controlled substance, set by the FDA and the DEA, so doctors are not supposed to prescribe over that limit.

      And having the DEA only concentrate on “illegal” drugs will not help anyone. The only reason why some drugs are illegal is because they weren’t manufactured by Big Pharma and prescribed by a doctor. But American healthcare is expensive and many people can’t afford to see a doctor, and if they don’t have insurance, they have to pay cash for everything. Unfortunately, many pharmacies are now requiring that patients have insurance before they will dispense medications.

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