Cancer patient turned away at pharmacies

“More than once I thought this is not worth it and just give up. My time is limited. Am I going to go through this every month?,” said Dr. Gary Welch.  Welch is battling advanced stage 3 pancreatic cancer, one of the most painful cancers…

After two rounds of chemotherapy Welch, a retired doctor and army colonel who now lives in Port Charlotte, Florida is in Jacksonville for proton therapy. He says it was either that or go to hospice care. His oncologist has prescribed him opioids including a Fentanyl patch…  But getting a refill has become a nightmare. He says he has been made to feel like he is a substance abuser…

7 thoughts on “Cancer patient turned away at pharmacies

    • If that guy has problems, you know that millions of others are even worse off. Makes me pretty scared to think of getting cancer and not being able to use pain medications. Heck, just shoot me now.

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