8 thoughts on “Reviews for Gabapentin to treat Anxiety

  1. i took gabapentin for quite awhile. i liked it, perhaps too much. i scammed a lot more than i was supposed to have when my psychiatrist was out of the office on vacation. they doctor who was covering for him didn’t have my records at hand, so i was able to lie and tell him that i took a much much bigger does than the psychiatrist usually gave me. he gave me refills, too!

    when my doctor returned and found out, he left me this mean nasty voice mail telling me to “go to the emergency room immediately and tell them i overdosed on it. doh! it was like, a week later. what a dummy!

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      • i “fired” him. he was such a loser. he ate his lunch during our sessions! he was the first psychiatrist i’d ever been to. he did meds and therapy (what a mess). he was much older than me, of a totally different mindset, and male. i’m so sorry i didn’t get away from him sooner! my current therapist and my psychiatrist are both women and treat me so much better than he did.

        it’s really scary trying to find a new doctor!!

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  2. One of my pain doctors used to take phone calls from other patients during our appointments. I paid him $250 to talk to other people. (Plus, he was a misogynist.) Unfortunately, I’ve found that women pain doctors aren’t any better than their male counterparts, probably because of the drug war.

    After this doctor passed away, I had to travel to another state to find a pain doctor. Of course that didn’t work… that’s when I gave up on doctors.


      • Pregabalin is the other name for it and I was told it was mainly an anti epilepsy type pill but also helps with nerve pain. Have to say this is the only thing that has touched the pain up to now. Yes TN sucks ~ almost a year now 😦

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      • My Daughter in law to be used to take gabapentin. She has ankolysing spondylosis (apologies if spelt incorrectly!) and now has injections which help her but can’t remember the name of them. It was just the gabapentin name that drew me to the article so had to put my twopeneth in!

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