How Obama Plans To Combat Prescription Opioid And Heroin Abuse In 2016

Bob Twillman, executive director of the American Academy of Pain Management, in an interview told Forbes that more needs to be done to effectively combat prescription opioid and heroin abuse in the country, even though Obama’s initiatives have merit.

“I think what happens is when people go to the doctor now and they have pain, the first response for most prescribers and many doctors is okay, let me write you a prescription,” he said. “I think there are a lot of other things we can do besides write prescriptions that will help people with their pain — and that’s especially true for people who have chronic pain.”

There are alternatives to ingesting prescription opioids for pain management: accupuncture, chiropractic, psychotherapy and physicial therapy. Twillman believes expanding access and providing reimbursement for these other methods will bring down prescription opioid abuse. But in order for this to happen, prescribers will need to become better educated on alternatives to prescription opioids for pain management, he noted.

Okay, I’ve already tried all of those “alternatives,” as have most chronic pain patients.  It’s like these “experts” are wearing bags over their heads.  And who does Mr. Twillman represent? Because he surely isn’t representing my views as an intractable pain patient.

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