I’ve noticed that the anti-opioid advocates are using Prince’s name when they talk about fentanyl and addiction. I’m sure he would be mortified. But for almost everyone else, Prince will be remembered for his incredible talent. And his name will be eternally connected to the color purple.


02DSC01950 (2)

03DSC01946.0 (2)

04DSC01952 (2)

05DSC01713 (4)


07DSC01937 (2)

08DSC08625 (2)

09DSC01140 (2)

10DSC01156 (3)


DSC02082 (2)

DSC07709 (3)

Prince. Purple. Pain. Peace.

5 thoughts on “Eternal Purple

  1. Purple is that deep healing color. I have never listened to Prince, but he and Michael Jackson and Elvis and I’m sure many other performing artists but those are the three who give me a feeling of giving their entire souls to their art, and gaining money and various forms of forbidden pleasures in this world, and the whole hugeness of their world collapsing on them….all of them had “personal physicians” to drug them up and down…and plenty of every kind of pain…it used to be heroin who took our Purple Haze people away. Now it’s the high tech home anesthesia.

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  2. Very interesting point, I live just north of Dallas, Tx and haven’t heard the reference. You’re 100% right, Prince would be mortified. His talent and giving soul are what I will remember. Unlike other pap hungry celebs, Prince gave back to his community quietly and I only heard him mention once. He was the type of personality who loved his art, then wanted to leave it at the office. He lived his life on his terms.

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