8 thoughts on “Do you need a hug?

    • I’m sorry I can’t give you a hug in person. Instead, I was just sitting here wondering if you wanted to be interviewed on my blog. I’ve never interviewed anyone before, so it would be a new experience for both of us. And one of the purposes of my blog is to highlight the stories of other pain patients. No pressure, I just thought it might be interesting. 🙂

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        • Cool! I’m not sure how to proceed since I’ve never done this before, but I’m guessing I need to come up with a list of questions. Then you have to answer them. Well, if a question is too personal, you can just say that. Then I have to proofread it all, because I’m anal like that. Misspelled words irritate me. Then I post the interview, it goes viral, and we both have our 15 minutes of internet fame. Sound good?

          My name is Johnna and I live in Albuquerque, NM. My email is painkills2@aol.com. I’ll start working on the questions, but it will probably take me a couple of days.

          There, now you have something to look forward to. 🙂

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        • That sounds great! I prefer to stay anonymous when it comes to my name….but you can send the questions to my email at kahlanpob@gmail.com
          Take as long as you need to with the questions…it might take me a bit to answer them if that’s okay with you….I’ve had an increase in my migraines lately so looking at things and thinking are tough….lol. I’m honored that you chose me! Looking forward to it!

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