When You’re Blue

Feeling blue and devalued?


Living life without a clue?

02DSC00686 (3)

Do colors appear subdued?

03DSC00683 (5)

Are things tilted and askew?

04DSC00684 (3)

Are you afraid to say boo?

06DSC00495 (3)

Seeking that kind of glue

DSC00496 (3)

you can really hold onto?

DSC00497 (2)

Think of kangeroos and rendezvous
macaroons, barbecue, and Irish stew
tatoos, home brews, and cashews
canoes, fondue, and honeydew

DSC00689 (2).JPG

(too bad chocolate doesn’t rhyme with blue)

Thinking of you, Michelle Ashby


Mother-of-three died in agony from Crohn’s disease after doctors said she was ‘imagining most of her pain’

A woman who visited hospital 50 times in the lead up to her death was told by medics the chronic pain she suffered was all in her head, her husband claims. Michelle Ashby, 43, spent three years in and out of hospital suffering from inflammatory bowel disease Crohn’s. The mother-of-three from Gillingham, Kent, died on January 18 last year.

The cause of death was first given as pneumonia, caused by Crohn’s disease. But a post mortem examination revealed she actually died from multiple organ failure stemming from a perforation to her bowel.

Her husband David told an inquest into her death that doctors at Medway Maritime Hospital said his wife was imagining a lot of her pain. On one occasion, a nurse threatened that if she did not stop screaming out in pain, she would be discharged, he claims…