What do I see? Take a walk with me…

Could be a smile, could be a mustache. You decide.

01DSC00153 (3)

I like how they planted a garden in the middle of their driveway.

02DSC00100 (2)

03DSC00152 (2)

04DSC00150 (2)

05DSC00100 (3)


07DSC00151 (2)

I can’t notice beauty like that and ignore trash like this:

08DSC05793 (3)

09DSC05789 (2)

10DSC09475 (3)

11DSC04248 (2)

Wanna know who’s leaving the trash?

12DSC04249 (7)

Every item has a bar code. Trace the bar code to the purchaser. Then send that tacky litter bug a ticket. Or make them pick up trash every Saturday for a year.

13DSC09566.0 (2)

Kinky Gold Cocktails. šŸ™‚

14DSC05803 (2)

This cat just found out that Trump is running for President.Ā She’s like, WTF?


One of the maintenance dudes at my apartment complex is a veteran.

16DSC05091 (5)

Found this pretty bird in Taco Cabana. You can’t tell from this picture, but it’s made up of stone tiles. For more examples of Hispanic art, see Lisa Amaya’s blog: Ā www.lifeofanelpasowoman.com


I haven’t seen any real parrots in the Q, just pigeons. Lots and lots of pigeons.

DSC09543 (3)



I’m extremely disappointed that Laurie Hernandez will not be allowed to compete in all of the Olympic events. Seems that Marta Karolyi has decided that Ms. Hernandez is not in the top three allowed to compete in the all around from the U.S. I was sure she was going to win silver.Ā Like a lot of things in life, it’s just not fair.

What do I see? Take a drive with me…


Do you see the angel?

02DSC09935 (2)

It’s been a rainy week.


I wouldn’t mind all the big trucks if the government would keep the roads repaired. It’s a bumpy and painful ride. But yesterday, when I hit a smooth spot on the feeder road, I bent into the curve and pretended to be a race car driver. (Vroom, vroom.)


On my way to get gas, I noticed one of the poor, homeless people in Albuquerque — a woman who carried all of her worldly possessions in the cart she was pushing in front of her.

04DSC00162 (3)

Gas on the Indian reservation is always cheaper, and yesterday I paid $1.99 a gallon. As I was pumping my gas, I looked upĀ to admire a cloud that resembledĀ a flying elephant chasing a butterfly (or maybeĀ a bee about to land on a rose).


As I replacedĀ the nozzle, I looked down to see this:

06DSC00167 (2)

After I got home, I feltĀ bad that I didn’t dispose of it — just took a picture and left it there, like it wasn’t my problem. Not a very nice thing to do.

Too bad all the wires are above ground. They really get in the way of a good photo.

07DSC09940 (2)

Ah, found a view without wires.



Lavender at the grocery store.


Earlier this week, I visited Walmart at dawn.



Look, the city named an arroyo after Lisa!



Okay, this cloud is definitely a bug. šŸ™‚

Chocolate Joy

I usually don’t have a lot of luck with new recipes, but this oneĀ turned out pretty good:


01DSC00179 (2)

Nice and soft like bread, but obviously with lots of chocolate sweetness. Yet, it’s not rich, like a brownie or cake.

02DSC00183 (2)

I don’t have a bread pan, so I used a small glass baking dish. Next time, I’ll make the cream cheese layer bigger and thicker.

DSC00181 (2)

Dear Chocolate God: Ā Please send someone to help me clean up. šŸ™‚