Everything is about Trump

I like science fiction and horror movies, maybe because it’s an escape into something that’s not real. After all, reality frequently sucks.

I recently watched a horror movie about a racist who buys some land and moves to a small town in North Dakota, where he attempts to build a white supremacist community. The movie is called Welcome to Leith and it was released in 2015. But it’s not a Hollywood movie — it’s a documentary.

At the beginning of the movie, I kinda laughed at the racists. They reminded me of children. Misfits looking for somewhere to fit in. Nerds who never figured out that being a nerd is cool. Instead, they believe that white power and hate is cool. And they believe in guns, violence, and revenge against anyone who stands up to them, even other white people.

One of the leaders, Craig Cobb, says he thinks he suffers from Asperger’s. He does seem to have a fixation with Hitler. Says when he was little, he looked just like one of Hitler’s sons. But I didn’t see many signs of mental illness in any of the racists. In fact, some of them were surprisingly smart, although there’s obviously something wrong going on in their brains.

What I found interesting was the lengths the townspeople went to in their attempts to get rid of these racists. I also learned that although the U.S. government used to keep track of all these terrorists, after 9/11, they pretty much stopped doing that. Now they only keep track of Islamic terrorists.

It’s hard to find a good movie these days. I’ve been on Netflix for almost two months and I’m already having a hard time finding things I want to watch. Welcome to Leith is a great movie. It’s got some awesome North Dakota scenery, shot beautifully. And there were even times during the movie when I felt sorry for the racists. But then one of them would open their mouth…

One thing I can’t help thinking about is the kids who grow up in a white-power environment. Talk about being born unlucky. With those people, you gotta believe in white power or else. No questions asked. Reminds me of some religions.

From Craig Cobb’s Wikipedia page: In 2015, Cobb attempted to purchase $10,000 worth of property in Antler, North Dakota, in an attempt to take over the town and rename it “Creativity Trump”, a reference to Donald Trump, whom Cobb says he admires.