Bee Gymnastics

Congratulations to America’s Olympic gymnastics team! And a wag of shame to NBC for refusing to air complete routines. (Hey, that rhymes.) But that’s okay, because you can find all of their routines in past performances on YouTube.

01DSC09696.0 (2)

02DSC09702 (3)

03DSC09699.0 (2)

04DSC09699 (3)

05DSC09706 (2)

06DSC09705.0 (2)

DSC09705 (2)

I’m not sure what these bees are doing, but let’s call it gymnastics. 🙂

Making friends and overcoming fear

Trying to make friends with bugs is hard work.

01DSC00602.0 (2)

02DSC00602 (2)

But I think getting to know bugs is helping me overcome my fear of these nasty critters.

03DSC00602 (3)

Now when I see one of them, my heart no longer flutters with fear. And when I have to kill one of them, I apologize first. (No bugs were harmed during this photo shoot.)

04DSC00389 (2)

Find the spider’s legs.

If I can get along with bugs, Democrats and Republicans should be able to get along, too.

05DSC00607 (2)

Really, if I can get along with bugs, whole countries should be able to get along.


07DSC07758 (5)

08DSC07767 (3)

As long as bugs stay out of my home, we’re cool.

09DSC08502 (3)

DSC00605 (2)

I know we need bugs. And some of them are kinda cute, right? 🙂