Uncontrolled Pain

Dedicated to the DEA and CDC.

00DSCF3933 (2)

pain roaring
head hammering
eyes watering
thoughts scattering
body lumbering
no glimmering
time shuttering
heart hardening
life guttering
bad thoughts whispering
pain is poisoning

00DSC01325 (3)

Please kill me
Just kill me now
I’ve suffered enough
and how

00DSC01225.01 (2)

Night time
in the dark
only thing I hear
is my pain bark

00DSC07756 (3)

If the body you live in
is full of unending pain
what else can you do
but attempt escape?

00DSC01633 (3)

disposed of
cast aside

00DSC09340 (3)

Have you always felt
older than your age
older than dirt
more ancient than Earth?
What is time worth?

DSC07427.0 (3)

I can easily
picture myself
on my deathbed
denied pain relief
denied dignity

Sorry for the depressing shit, but I ain’t got no bud, and I’m in a lot of pain.

Christmas isn’t over yet…


rob delaney ✔ @robdelaney
What flavor vape oil are you leaving out for Santa this year?

Sam Grittner @SamGrittner
Every year for Christmas I ask Satan to cure me of my dyslexia.

♡Very Respectful Guy @SortaBad
If you don’t have a chimney Santa just bursts through your walls like the Kool-Aid Man

jomny sun @jonnysun
ME: [in santa costume, covered in chimney soot] that was hard. how does santa do it
WIFE: well santas not real, hun
ME: [drops cookie] WHAT

Cliff Bleszinski ✔ @therealcliffyb
Based upon the altitude, speed, and open design of that sled Santa would be dead of hyopthermia after taking off.

Merry Christmas!

Abe Yospe @Cheeseboy22
A cute thing I tell my kids when we see a dead deer on the side of the road is, “Looks like Santa lost his temper again.”






It’s A Snowman Challenge!

Lisa (from Life of an El Paso Woman) and I are competing for the Best Snowman. It’s a match between Texas and New Mexico, and you can find her entry (Chico Jr.) here:


Albuquerque didn’t get as much snow as El Paso, and while I tried to make balls out of the snow, they wouldn’t stick together. I’m like, is this how snow is supposed to behave? I don’t think so. Obviously, here in New Mexico, we have alien snow. (Roswell, New Mexico is a famous alien site.)

So, I had to use my imagination.  First, I tried to draw a snowman:

DSC09508 (2)

Obviously, I can’t draw. Then I tried to use props:


Does that look like a snowman to you? Okay, maybe not…


See, my snowman is very, very tired (because insomnia), so he’s laying down…

DSC09545 (2)

…and smoking some leaf. (Lucky dude.)

And here is Snowgirl:

DSC09553 (2)

She’s getting ready to make banana bread. And here she is celebrating bud (wouldn’t it be cool if our money had bud leaves on it?):


And here’s the Trump Snowman:

DSC09527 (2)

He’s hiding because he knows everyone hates him.

DSC09556 (3)

DSC09533 (2)

Oh no, it looks like the Trump Snowman melted. Must be because he doesn’t have any real balls. 🙂

Here’s the sun, trying to escape the clouds:

DSC09506 (2)

Since the Snowman Challenge was my idea, I believe that qualifies me as the one and only judge of this contest. And I’ve already decided that Chico Jr. is the winner.  Congratulations, Lisa! 😀