Is there a doctor in the house?

Rootsgal Says:
Thu, May 28 ’15, 5:11 PM

I inquired about Tramadol and my doctor refused to prescribe it, or help me wean down, in any way! … My recent CT scan, from a 4 level cervical titanium fusion, is worsening… The spasm feel like I am being choked. I can barely speak or breathe at times. I can barely hold my head up for long, and I do not see myself able to go any lower. I am not going to apologize for what life threw at me. (drunk driver) I should be allowed to have some kind of “normal” in my titanium body… I should not have to be made to feel bad, for taking (1) narcotic medication, twice a day. The CT.medical mj program has a CBD spray for spasms, but the price is astronomical. $70.00 twice a month for ONE MED?  I do not know how people in the program (Connecticut) can afford the prices!

karen Says:
Thu, May 28 ’15, 4:38 PM

Hello to all. Just read the article from AARP on Tramadol being reported for its large numbers of adverse reactions. its the #1 drug for adverse reactions being reported in emergency rooms.

Terry Says:
Wed, May 27 ’15, 10:51 PM

I have been suffering for about four years now due to an injury at the L3-L4 disc. It is basically gone…bone on bone. last year a 19 year old T-Boned my wife and I. We both suffered injuries. Me broken breast plate and the C3 and C7 disc are pushing spinal cords. I do not want surgery after much conversation with other patients who advise against surgery and the surgeon, who promises no guarantees. I have been through months of physical therapy with no results. Agony all the time isn’t how I expected my life would turn out. I would rather be treated with pain Meds. I have had at least ten spinal inj’s. at the L3/4 and the neck with no positive results. The doctors think Im some kind of addict but that’s far from true. I would just prefer to be on meds than take a risk that could put me in a wheel chair. Are there doctors who treat patients with respect, prescribe something stronger than prescription Ibuprophen 800 mg, monitor the pain medications and keep me from the constant fire burning through my back, arm and leg? I would really like to begin living again instead of existing. Desperate in Oklahoma.

dixborokid Says:
Mon, May 11 ’15, 10:02 AM

I am in need of any narcotic pain killer, I’ve in extreme pain as well as my mother. Please help! my doctor’s office has suddenly stopped prescribing them! Due to tighter beauocratics at this institution and in Michigan!

Kathleen Says:
Sat, May 09 ’15, 11:59 AM via mobile

I’ve been living in Lansing for 3 months been to both hospitals. Had bad ex. Seen 6 docs plus en docs. Not one would give me pain pills. I have bone grinding on bone plus fibromyalgia. I was flat out told no buy advil l or Tylenol over the counter. What happened to the hypocritical oath? Somethings got to be done. Maybe a legal suit. Dr.s are driving people to the streets. Are the docs so intimated by the government and the possibility of loosing their license. Last time I got any pain pills in Kalamazoo (lived there for 30 years) the doc had the pharmacist call me and wanted me to come in for a pill count. I was out of town and didn’t get the message as a result he put “NO controlled substance to be given. Patient refused pill count.” My whole life I’m 55 I have never heard of this now I’m really having problems. Will have to get an attorney to have that removed then I’ll be known as a trouble maker. This is all so wrong. Any advice or information would be much appreciated. I’ve never abused drugs.

candice, on May 28, 2015 at 2:32 pm said:

Heck I was fired from an orthopedic practice for demanding to see the surgeon (instead of his PA) whom implanted a disc in my neck and I had wound dehiscence and suture was inching out of it for months after the surgery. The surgeon refused to see me and I insisted he see me. His PA left the room and came back with security to escort me out! I wasn’t even in narcotics at the time. I was fired for complaining about my neck wound and prickly clear suture streaming out of the incision! I never got a letter… Nothing! Just an escort out of the office by the arm by a big man and a warning to never come back!
Before this decade is never heard of doctors firing patients. I’m an RN myself and had never heard of this practice until the last decade or so. I know it probably happened before in extreme cases… But u never heard of a rash of patients who are literally medical refugees!!! How are these doctors getting away with neglecting their duties to treat and not abandon their patients. I know as a nurse if u leave your shift before a replacement comes u can be sued for “patient abandonment”. Why are doctors protected from this? Isn’t it neglect and abandonment!?!?!

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