Arachnoiditis and nerve blocks

Since my umpteen nerve blocks, I have gone downhill in no time, especially the last couple of months…

Sometimes my rt arm hangs dead by my side and as I think I mentioned, the hand is clawing, locking and turning inwards. But it confuses me as I am not totally sure it is Arachnoiditis and pls do not let it be the beginning of crps . So many of us have ended up with crps. My rt foot is also turning inwards and downwards with toes that are constantly cramped downwards. And yes, at times when my nerves are really acting up, my head starts bobb up and down. One time my eyes rolled back and I thought I was having a seizure. All these symptoms are worsening and to then hear from my docs that it is volitional when it is not, bothers me to no end…

I will report the dr who gave me all the blocks but first I have to secure consistent help from someone who is ethical and caring enough to take me on as a patient. This doc with all the blocks recently opened up a pain clinic in town, the one and only, so I can understand her motive behind the harassment…

Just one more thing…the neuro referred me to a physiatrist who said, “are you sure you didn’t suffer emotional or physical abuse as a child”..”when was the last time you laughed”…..I walked out.

3 thoughts on “Arachnoiditis and nerve blocks

  1. those are some serious symptoms/side effects, and your doc should be alarmed and trying to deduce if they came from the blocks or if something else is going on physically (since we know it’s not psychosomatic),

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    • Well, for one thing, this isn’t my story. When I put excerpts in italics, that means someone else is talking. 🙂 Secondly, I don’t have a doctor. There’s nothing doctors can do for me, and I’ve been abandoned by doctors too many times to trust them. And because I don’t have a doctor, Unum, my LTD insurance carrier, stopped paying my benefits. Apparently, if I’m not being treated by the medical industry, I must not be disabled. If I didn’t have bad luck, why, I’d have no luck at all. 🙂

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