My advice to Kaiser is stop bullshitting your patients.

I arrive at Kaiser’s Department of Psychiatry and at first, no one knows anything about it…

I waited for another thirty minutes and another woman found me and dumped the paperwork in my lap with the statement: “We don’t do this?”

Me: “You don’t do case management?”

She: We don’t do this. Maybe a family member can help you.

Me: (I’d had enough) Look. Everyone knows that Kaiser doesn’t want to work with the mentally ill.

She: That’s not true!

Me: I’m not an idiot. If you don’t do case management and you don’t do family therapy, and you don’t do intensive groups for trauma then by logical extension, you don’t do psychiatry. If I could do this alone or with family, I would have!

She walked over to reception, and then returned.

She: Why don’t you sign the forms and leave them at the front desk; your regular case manager will call you when he returns from vacation.

A couple of guards arrived in reception and glared at me…

I would think that anyone suffering from anxiety would have taken the guards’ presence as a threat.  Just goes to show you how those who suffer from mental illness are treated within our “healthcare” system.

One thought on “My advice to Kaiser is stop bullshitting your patients.

  1. this is becoming too common a situation. if the mentally ill ask for help (as they’re told to), they get rejected, causing all kinds of triggers (like flashbacks, uncontrollable emotions such as rage and crying hysterically) but if we exhibit those behaviours they caused then we are again turned away, this time by threat of jail or physical harm.

    if we weren’t mentally ill, we wouldn’t need the help. if we didn’t need the heip, we wouldn’t get triggered and become loud, angry, tearful and we wouldn’t be threatened.

    but we are mentally ill and all you do is tell us to identify ourselves to you for ‘help’ which really means being physically and mentally controlled by you.

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