28 thoughts on “I feel the need, the need for Vitamin C!

  1. Gorgeous photos and I love all the orange things! I love orange and eat copious quantities of carrots, although red is my favourite colour. I think I OD on vitamin C every day as I start off my day with a fruit breakfast with cherries or blueberries, high in anti-oxidants. then the carrots all day. I’m surprised I haven’t turned orange with all the fake tan I use and carrots I eat! http://bit.ly/1ER5cLY

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    • I think I’d prefer orange to ghostly white (that’d be me). And not the pretty white, like a snowflake, but that yucky white, like bread. Sliced bread, that’s me. Have your bowel movements turned orange? 🙂

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  2. we just bought a big bag of mixed fruit that way we all get a lil of something and i have to say the oranges were so sweet and i have never had one so juicy and tender . We just bought this bag 3 days ago and the bowl is empty lol , Dad came into my room yesterday while I was laying down early for the day and said hey i left something for you on that desk of yours lol so I got up this morning to a big orange on my desk with a note saying enjoy and we love you 🙂
    I have not ate it just yet, Yes, YES I AM SAVORING IT !!!!!!! So it sits on my tower.. It keeps looking at me and saying eat me and you know you want me…..
    I also take 2000 milligrams total for the day of vit c and vit D3 5,000 twice a day so it adds up to 50,000 a week and a chewie one a day vit yummy lol.. Just thought that I would share lol…
    Those pictures tho…. OMG, OMG so bright and makes me want my guy to buy more lol I need more YES, YES I DO…..
    Hope ur having a great day dear one….OH and I did post a new blog the other day about “no love after all these years” and made a comment to you on the end part lol… would love to hear what you think of it?? if not that is ok toooooooo…..

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    • I guess I should just be happy that I get to eat oranges in winter, no matter how dry they are. And in the interest of sharing, I used to suck on edible Vitamin C every day, but then I read that it’s bad for tooth enamel.

      Thanks for the invitation to visit your home on the internet. I shall arrive shortly. Please have chocolate and a joint waiting for me. 🙂

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      • yes you are very lucky gurl.. we can not have the best of both worlds so they say lol…
        oh I had no idea about the vit c mine are in a pill form so maybe that will help?..but thank you for the heads up!!!! 🙂
        Gurl you know that you are always welcome in my home and here i though we were closer than that lol..
        take ur time no rush at all..but i will take you up on the chocolate for sure and always but no can do on the joint as my wonderful life gets ua random just about every month or I would partake if it helped me with the pain this gurl would be so down for it and anxiety and for sleep and….. 😉 but make sure you have a toke or two for me :0

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