Nuts are expensive, and with my TMJ, I’m not supposed to eat them. (I really miss nuts, especially chocolate-covered ones.) The holidays are a good reason to treat myself, so yeah, I bought some nuts. 🙂

I’d like my nut rolls to look like this:

But the great thing about nut rolls is that no matter what you do, they always taste good. 🙂

01DSC07693 (2)

Can you smell the yeast?

02DSC07698 (2)

Needs more powdered sugar.


Crumbs 🙂

04DSC07721 (2)

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

DSC07729 (2)

If I add too much filling before baking, it spills over, so…

DSC07744 (2)

I use the leftover filling on the finished product.


I know, I know, stop playing with my food.

Now, let’s hope that Daffy the Duck (and my local squirrel) like my nut roll.

(Photos taken yesterday.)

8 thoughts on “Nut Roll Heaven

  1. I didn’t try to eat my monitor, but I did have to go buy a bib to catch the drool. Wantz your nutz. But seriously, if you need me to save you from the wrath of nut roll, I’ll be happy to dispose the rest of it into my mouth. It’s what friends are for, right? 🙂

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    • It’s true, I made way too much. And I cut the recipe by 1/3! (Wow, how much fun was that, trying to calculate a third of tablespoons, cups, and grams.)

      But I’m sad to report that when I put some crumbs out for my local squirrel this afternoon, I noticed that someone had filled in the hole he traveled through. I haven’t seen him for awhile…

      Well, on to Daffy, to see if he’ll help me eat some of this nut roll… 🙂


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