Chase scammers think we’re stupid

Re: New Message from Chase Online (SM)
From: Chase Notification

Dear Valued Customer:

You have 1 new Security message From Chase Online Bank.

Click here to resolve the problem

As this e-mail is an automated message, we can’t reply to any e-mails sent by return.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC
©2015 JPMorgan Chase & Co

I don’t have a bank account at Chase, which is why I also find this scam hilarious. 🙂

AmEx scammers think we’re stupid

Re: American Express Security Routine Maintenance
From: American Express

Dear customer,

American Express is hereby announcing the new Security routine maintenance to serve our customers for a better and secure online service against any fraudulent attempt,

Due to this recent maintenance, you are requested to Login and validate your account.

Click here to Log In

Note: At American Express, your protection is our top priority and We’re committed to keeping your American Express accounts safe from unauthorized access.

© 2015 American Express Company. All rights reserved

I’ve never had an American Express card, so I find this scam hilarious. 🙂

It’s at times like this that I wish I liked coffee

It was during an endless drive home from a camping trip in eastern Washington that entrepreneur Adam Stites came up with his latest product. “What would happen if I infused heavy cream with cannabis, then mixed it with my coffee?” he mused. (“My VW van doesn’t go very fast, so I have a lot of time to think,” Stites explains.)

He road-tested the idea as soon as he got home. So strong was the first dose, Stites woke up 13 hours after he chugged a single cup. Nonetheless, his professional interest was piqued. Not long after, he set up Mirth Provisions to sell a commercial version of his creation: marijuana-infused cold-brew coffee, dosed up with 20 milligrams of THC per serving. Waggishly named “Legal,” it’s the ultimate wake and bake.

“Our customers are not looking to get blown out of their mind, just ever so slightly tilt their relativity,” Stites says, employing the lyricism of a man who clearly started his day with a cup of Legal…  😀

It required a complex process for Stites to develop his signature product. Binding the weed and beans into a functional joint venture was a major hurdle. Coffee and cannabis molecules separate when brewed because cannabis oil is not water-soluble; much of Mirth Provisions’ intellectual property rests in the unique way it uses plant-based emulsifiers to keep the oil evenly suspended in water…

Weed adds a rich, earthy base to the flavor, he explains, while Legal’s mixture of THC and CBD confers a calm sense of focus on caffeine’s jittery high. Caffeine is absorbed almost instantly by the body, but it takes from 45 minutes to 90 minutes for the human body to process the weed so it can prolong the caffeine high, Stites says…

The rush of canna-coffees isn’t driven solely by the potential of its dual market, according to Jordan Michelman, co-founder of Sprudge, a Portland-based online coffee magazine. The Washington native suggests cultural factors play a role, too. “In the Pacific Northwest, there’s this slang term for a Northwest Speed Ball, which is a shot of espresso and a puff of marijuana, and people have been doing that for quite some time,” he says…

This is why I can’t watch football…

Once again on Sunday, an NFL quarterback — the most important player on his team — continued to play after getting hit and exhibiting signs of a concussion. Late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s St. Louis Rams-Baltimore Ravens game in Baltimore, Rams quarterback Case Keenum was slammed to the ground during a pass attempt. While being dragged down, his neck leaned forward slightly and then snapped back under the force of the hit, causing his head to violently hit the turf once, and then again on the recoil. A Rams lineman tried to immediately scoop up his quarterback, to little effect. Keenum’s scrambled head physically turned him into a rag doll…

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LeeAnn Sherwood · Santa Cruz High School
I wonder if these rich owners treat their cars as badly as their players…