Snow Emoji

From Urban Dictionary:

“Whenever my mom nags me using iMessage, I respond with an emoji of an eggplant. That gets her pissed every time.”
Mom: “Do the dishes as soon as you’re finished doing nothing.”
Clever guy: “(eggplant emoji)”
Mom: “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Yes, that’s right, today was our first day of snow. Everybody in Santa Fe is excited to see snow this early in the year (because skiing and tourism), but when I ventured out today, I noticed that most New Mexicans aren’t impressed. Since I grew up in Houston, Texas — where it snowed maybe twice in my lifetime — I’m still enchanted by the snow. 🙂

However… Too soon, dude:

DSC07309 (2)


I still got it

When I was young, I had a typing speed of about 120 wpm. (Mostly because the only vocational education I had in high school was a typing course, seeing as I was a girl and all.)

I only took this test once (because tests are stressful), but it scored me at 96 wpm with 3 errors, so 93 wpm. I might not be able to balance my checkbook, but yeah, I still got it. 🙂

What’s your score?