One thought on “I don’t want to be color-blind

  1. Yeah, I don’t like this. It lacks a critical analysis of the historical origins of race and racism and how experiences of racism do contribute to who we are. The answer to ending sexism, racism, etc is not “so simple” and just ripping off labels. No, not at all. It takes radically reforming our social system and gradually eradicating institutionalized discrimination nad systemic oppression. We are all one people, but my skin is different from the skin of white people and so I’m treated differently. That different treatment, that social experience, does make me different than people known as “white people” who have much lighter skin and different features and have been considered superior throughout history. Not using a label will not stop the horrible ways that non-white people are treated and it has nothing to do with the label. Racism is an ideology, a theory, and it is embedded in our institutions and social structure.

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