How Greedy Doctors Just Caused Me 5 Days Of Withdrawal

Surgery doesn’t help. One of my uncles has had five back surgeries, and he still has the same problems. My dad had two, and another on his neck. Same problem. Outside of becoming Wolverine, you’re just fucked. So your only option is “take one of these pills every five hours.” Do that for several months, and suddenly, they become a regular part of your body’s chemistry. Take them away without any warning, and you might as well be setting yourself on fire.

That’s where I was just a few days ago. I had been prescribed a pain reliever called Tramadol. It’s a mild opioid that’s just a step above taking a handful of ibuprofen, but I had been on them for about a year. If you ever get solicited by a drug dealer and need to get rid of him fast, just tell him you’re looking for Tramadol, and watch him stumble away in uncontrollable laughter. It’s considered the O’Doul’s of the drug world.

So how does all of that lead to me lying in a fetal position, in a pool of sweat, shaking so bad I couldn’t hold my own phone? Enter these fuckheads …

Last week, I was running low on my medication, so I called in for a refill like normal, which was basically met with, “Hahaha! How about instead of us refilling that, you go fuck yourself?” No warning. No weaning off of them. They were just yanked out from underneath me on a dime. I didn’t argue because I’m not a doctor. And if I were a doctor, I’d totally be House and have a much cooler Vicodin addiction while staring at Cuddy’s ass…

So let’s say that you do find another doctor and that doctor does prescribe you magic pills that dick-slap your pain right in its stupid suckhole. Congratulations, you just got flagged in a state database for getting multiple prescriptions from different doctors. That system is set up in 37 states, and once you get flagged in it, one or both of your doctors will boot your ass out. That’s not speculation. That happened to my wife. At this point, it would actually be easier to buy the pills illegally from some jackoff street pusher, probably with a stupid nickname like Pookie or Ray-Ray…

The majority of people getting these pills through a doctor aren’t doing it because they want to get high. They’re doing it because they’re in fucking pain and over-the-counter stuff isn’t doing the job. If it wouldn’t shut down my liver, I’d fill a bowl with ibuprofen right now, pour some milk on that shit and eat it like Froot Loops…

The really hard part is that once all of this winds down and I return to being just a normal human with an abnormal back, what happens then? I’ve been dealing with this issue for 25 years. It’s not like I haven’t looked into other options for treatment. If they prescribe me the pills again, do I jump back on that train? Or do I say fuck that and go buy one of those sweet canes with a hidden sword in it to help me walk and also chop ninjas? Because right now, all I can think is, “I’d rather die than go through this ever again” … but in a year, I’ll be thinking, “I don’t give a dick if I have to start shooting heroin, I can’t take this pain anymore.” …

6 thoughts on “How Greedy Doctors Just Caused Me 5 Days Of Withdrawal

  1. Not sure where the greedy comes in, but I am one thousand percent sure that experiences like yours are driving this current heroin epidemic. To just cut you off without warning–tramadol, for heaven’s sake! Last year it wasn’t even scheduled! Now it’s Schedule IV, BFD!!! That is absolutely inhumane, IMNSHO. I’m so sorry that happened to you. If it makes you feel better (it won’t), my back doctor refused to prescribe me any kind of pain meds whatsoever. “Just injections,” she said primly. She knows damn well I had zero response to injections in my fucking neck. So mj it is.

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    • Sorry for the misunderstanding, but this isn’t my story. (When I use my own words on my blog, I don’t use italics.) If you’ll click on the link, you’ll understand where the greedy part comes in. And maybe you should send your back doctor all the latest information on the harms of injections — and the research that shows very little benefit, if any.

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      • Yeah…I went to her hoping to get an intrathecal pump…she literally laughed at me!!! I am having a really hard time dealing with this unrelenting pain..I don’t know what these people in power think they’re doing, other than causing an epidemic of suicides because people have no other way of getting relief. I’m considered to be high risk for abuse because I’m an M.D., isn’t that grand? They seem to forget that the high risk people are actually nurses, who have the keys to the locked boxes…we don’t. Sorry for the rant, it’s one of those heavy pain days…

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        • I considered a pump at one time, but I’m hoping to hold off on that option until sometime in the future. Because once you get the pump, you probably have it forever.

          And I’m also considered a high risk, mostly because of my 30-year past as a chronic pain patient and because I have family members who have suffered from addiction. Doesn’t really matter that one of them, an alcoholic, was able to beat her addiction. And after 10 years on prescription drugs, I was able to beat my dependence on drugs and addiction to doctors.

          Sorry it’s a bad pain day. Feel free to rant here anytime. 🙂

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  2. Tramadol withdrawal is no joke. If I’m on my last refill, I intentionally start tapering down my dosage in case the doctor decides not to write a new script. I stopped it abruptly once, and never again will I do that. I’d rather bathe in mace and stick needles under my fingernails. It’s interesting that it’s perceived as a weak drug. Percocet has absolutely no effect on my pain, yet Tramadol effectively cuts the pain in half. I suppose it depends on the nature of the pain and the person.

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