Pharmacist Steve brings us a link to a very cool video about electronic health records (EHRs), created by:

Rapper and internist “ZDoggMD”, aka Zubin Damania, M.D., is looking to shake up health care. During his 10-year career as a hospitalist at Stanford and close to burnout, Zubin turned to stand-up comedy and rap to voice his concerns and frustrations about our dysfunctional health system…

Dr. Damania is the Director of Healthcare Development for Downtown Project Las Vegas, an urban revitalization movement spearheaded by Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh, where he’s currently developing an innovative model of health care delivery that promotes wellness at both the individual and community level. He recently founded Turntable Health, a primary care clinic within Las Vegas—which he describes as “a revolution in medicine.”


The video is part rap, with a mixture of lyrics sung to Empire State of Mind (New York). If you’ve never heard Alicia Keys sing this song, you should stop what you’re doing, right this very second, and click on this link:


Be prepared for goosebumps. 🙂

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