Women Powerfully, Silently Walk Together For Peace At Parliament Of World’s Religions


SALT LAKE CITY — Voices fell quiet as hundreds of women of different faith traditions filed silently through the busy throngs at the Salt Palace Convention Center Friday on the opening day of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. The gathering that happens every five years brings together thousands of religious and spiritual people from around the world.

Even as violence is erupting in the Middle East and other parts of the world, women of Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and other spiritual backgrounds showed their commitment to being witnesses for peace as they walked through the convention center side by side, not saying a word…

Nation’s Financial Advisors Recommend Capturing Magical Creature That Grants Wishes


CHICAGO—Calling it the most reliable strategy for ensuring financial stability in the current economy, a report released Thursday by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors recommends that middle-class Americans capture a magical creature with the power to grant wishes. “Taking into account the average American’s present level of savings as well as prevailing market conditions, there simply is no sounder choice individuals can make than venturing into a hidden glen or cavern, luring an enchanted creature from its dwelling, and then apprehending it and using its offered wishes to build a solid financial plan for the future,” said researcher Alison Knox…

(Photo taken 9/12/2015.)

Car made of hemp


The car drew remarkably little attention in a city of legalized marijuana.

No crowd surrounded it. Passersby didn’t pause to look it over. Probably that’s because it looks just like a Mazda Miata convertible — except for the side panel poster of George Washington smoking a joint.

Indeed, the chassis of this unique automobile prototype was taken from a Miata. But the body is pure hemp, whose fibers have been woven, put in a mold, hardened with resin and covered with paint.

Its promoters call the bright red result the greenest car in the world…

For the record, “Nope, nope,” he doesn’t smoke dope.

Dietzen, who is 60, moved to Key West after a career at Hewlett-Packard. He was inspired to create a hemp car partly by Henry Ford, who he said built one in 1941.

Dietzen drove the car from Florida to Denver, where he hopes to attract enough cannabis car investors to sell a few.

And in case people doubt its crashworthiness, Dietzen pounded hard on the hood a dozen times.

No dents.

Thanks, Dad

“My father was my teacher. But most importantly he was a great dad.”  Beau Bridges

DSC05474 (3)

“My father was the guy on the block who said hi to everyone.”  Damon Wayans


“I just wish I could understand my father.”  Michael Jackson

DSC05476 (3)

“A dramatic thing, the first time you stand up to your dad.”  Lenny Kravitz

DSC05477 (2)

The Most Difficult Story I’ve Told



Hannah was not a weak person. She was strong in so many other ways. She was a great person with a problem. She was sick. I am not angry with her. People struggling with addictions are not necessarily bad or weak, they might just need to know they will be loved despite their problems.

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“the opioid lunatic fringe” #OLF!



Another health care provider noted the fear that many pain clinics have of being investigated and shut down. In Ohio, a local pain clinic had been overprescribing. It was raided by police and closed. Its patients have not been welcomed to other pain clinics for fear that triggers an investigation against them. One man with terminal throat cancer has been unable to find any clinics to provide pain relief because he had been a customer at the overprescribing clinic…

After my pain doctor of 8 years passed away, the only doctor I could find who would agree to see me was in another state. I found out that my doctor was a little infamous within the pain doctor community and the majority of his patients could not find another doctor within the State of Texas. The doctor’s office shut down immediately after his death, and refused to provide copies of our medical files, so that was part of the problem, too. What a freaking nightmare…

“I’m sure everyone on the committee is an expert, but you need to have a variety of opinions, otherwise why even bother having the meeting in the first place,” said Pitts, whose responsibilities at the FDA included overseeing the formation of FDA’s advisory committees. Referring to PROP’s role in creating the guidelines, Pitts said, “When you basically take one group that is considered the opioid lunatic fringe and allow them to create the basis of your policy almost verbatim is inexcusable. It’s bad policy. It’s bad science. It’s poorly serving the public health.”

The “opioid lunatic fringe,” that’s hilarious. Dr. Pitts needs to trademark that phrase. (Now trending on Twitter, #OLF!) 🙂

Dr. Roger Chou of Oregon Health and Sciences University served both as one of the contributing authors and as a member of the Core Expert Group… Chou’s decision to alter course is unclear. He did not respond to a request for an interview…

Isn’t it fun to so easily go back to the past and find out what OLF! has been doing? Dr. Chou, an “interventional pain physician,” is a busy bee:




My comment:

What a great article! While I don’t agree with 100% of it, the article clearly details both sides, which is certainly a difficult thing to find in the small amount of media reporting on the opioid war. The only thing I would add is that there should also be a place at the table for pain patients. And not anyone affiliated with so-called patient groups, as I’ve found that many of them also have conflicts of interest.

The suicide epidemic is a lot worse than the opioid “epidemic,” even though the CDC spends very little time on the prevention of suicides. The increase in suicides in the U.S. is just one of the results of the war against the pain community, but it will continue to get worse because of anti-drug and hypocritical groups like PFROP (bupe for drug addicts, but no opioids to treat pain, right Mr. Kolodny?).

While the increase in overdoses is mainly affecting those who suffer from addiction, one of the reasons for that is that there probably won’t be many chronic pain patients with the courage to commit suicide. We suffer in silence because we’ve become accustomed to it. For some it’s apathy, and for many, it’s just plain fear. When your survival depends on drugs that are now part of the drug war, what does your future look like?