Experian data breach affects 15 million people including T-Mobile customers


Credit reporting agency Experian said Thursday that a data breach at one of its business units may have compromised the personal records of about 15 million people including customers of T-Mobile…┬áThe breach includes sensitive information like names, Social Security numbers, and addresses…

South Dakota Tribe to Open Nation’s 1st Marijuana Resort


The project, according to the tribe, could generate up to $2 million a month in profit, and work is already underway on the growing facility. The first joints are expected to go on sale Dec. 31 at a New Year’s Eve party…

In May of 2014, I made some memes about casinos selling bud. So, I might as well admit it now: I can see the future:


There are some Halloween memes, too. ­čÖé

Does Calcium Strengthen Bones? Evidence is Weak


“As there is currently little, if any, firm evidence that higher intakes prevent bone loss, falls, or fractures in middle aged or older women and men living in the community, the continued emphasis by several organizations (such as NOF) on ever increasing intakes of calcium and vitamin D is puzzling,” Micha├źlsson wrote.

┬á“Most will not benefit from increasing their intakes and will be exposed instead to a higher risk of adverse events such as constipation, cardiovascular events, kidney stones, or admission for acute gastrointestinal symptoms,” he said.

┬á“The weight of evidence against such mass medication of older people is now compelling, and it is surely time to reconsider these controversial recommendations,” he said…

The National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements also declined to comment on the studies…

Thousands die every year because 9-1-1 can’t find them


Sadly, the 9-1-1 system was perfected just about the time cell phones came along and rendered it obsolete. Emergency dispatchers can pinpoint calls from landlines and get rescue equipment rolling immediately. But wireless calls? Don’t bet your life on it.

The Federal Communications Commission estimates that more than 10,000 wireless callers die each year because dispatchers can’t determine their exact location…

October Moons

All photos taken October 2014.

mDSC06791 (2)

“For most people, we often marvel at the beauty of a sunrise or the magnificence of a full moon, but it is impossible to fathom the magnitude of the universe that surrounds us.”┬áRichard H. Baker


mDSC03511 (2)

“The lunar flights give you a correct perception of our existence. You look back at Earth from the moon, and you can put your thumb up to the window and hide the Earth behind your thumb. Everything you’ve ever known is behind your thumb, and that blue-and-white ball is orbiting a rather normal star, tucked away on the outer edge of a galaxy.” Jim Lovell


mDSC05630 (2)

mDSC05291 (3)

“Oh, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We’ve already got the stars.”┬áBette Davis