Arizona Sets 1-Year Lifetime Limit on Welfare

Arizona will become the first and only state to impose a one-year lifetime limit for impoverished households receiving federal benefits from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program – a move that will cut payments to about 1,600 families in July…

A spokesperson for the Arizona Department of of Economic Security, which also oversees foster care and child safety services, declined to be interviewed, but in an email said the state expects to save $325,000 per month and $3.9 million per year…

3 thoughts on “Arizona Sets 1-Year Lifetime Limit on Welfare

  1. From the state that gave us ISIS-supporter John McCain, and lawthug Joe Arpaio, over and over again for years. Will they never learn? They prefer to spend the money taking people’s kids away to helping out families with a measly $200.00. We have some mean-spirited motherfuckers in this country.

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