Flattered by Opinionated Man

My goal with this blog is to offend everyone in the world at least once with my words… so no one has a reason to have a heightened sense of themselves. We are all ignorant, we are all found wanting, we are all bad people sometimes.

It must be a heavy burden to have such a negative view of people.  In my blogging experience, I can’t recall coming across a blogger who has a “heightened sense of themselves” — actually, it’s usually the opposite.  Of course, there’s one exception, that being Mr. Jason Cushman from Opinionated Man.

I’m so flattered that Mr. Cushman talked about me on his blog:



The above posts are dated after he left these comments on my blog (which I haven’t approved, but post here in their entirety).  I think it’s interesting that Opinionated Man was one of my early followers, but this is the first time he’s ever left comments on my blog.  Seven months without a peep, but when the subject is him personally, I get all this extra attention.

Submitted on 2015/06/29 at 4:44 pm | In reply to painkills2.
So you read some random posts on my blog that were not directed at you and decided it warranted a post where you and your “friends” could mock me? And you call me a bully? I did nothing to you and this is how you treat me and my blog? Sounds like you are the one with the issue here. Enjoy mocking me if that is how you spend your time. I find your reactive nature pretty pathetic. Take care, I was never anything but polite in my responses to you.


Submitted on 2015/06/29 at 4:48 pm
If you hate my blog don’t link to it please.

Submitted on 2015/06/29 at 5:37 pm
Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
Posting my blog so you and your friends can mock and bash me. All because someone wrote a nice post about me? Well done! You really taught me a lesson on cyberbullying. Maybe you should psychoanalyze yourself. -OM
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Submitted on 2015/06/29 at 6:06 pm | In reply to Opinionated Man.
Actually I removed this reblog. You don’t deserve a response from me after I thought about it. Take care and I hope you find some time for self-reflection. 🙂 -OM

Dear Mr. Cushman:

First of all, I didn’t read just a few random posts on your blog.  As I stated, I’ve visited your blog numerous times — the first time was when you decided to follow mine.  See, when someone follows my blog or likes one of my comments, I usually visit their blog in return.  I look around and try to find at least one post to “like.”  Sometimes, that’s hard to do, like with blogs that talk about god all the time (since I’m an atheist).  And I’m sorry to say that I also couldn’t find any posts on your blog to like.

That’s not a put down or anything — obviously people have different interests and like different things.  For instance, if you don’t suffer from chronic pain or have an interest in things like the drug war or homelessness, then you probably wouldn’t find my blog very interesting.  Which is one reason I find it odd that you’ve been following me for 7 months — up until recently.

Secondly, I don’t hate anyone or anybody’s blog.  But I did feel you were a little too full of yourself, even though you take great pains to hide it.  However, it’s not against the law to have an inflated ego, which was my take-away after recently digging further into your blog and reading even more of your posts.  You think that the world is full of people with a heightened sense of themselves, the reason you say you want to offend your readers — at least once. Ironically, you don’t see this in yourself.  I believe this is called “psychological projection.”

And I think this is all just part of a gimmick.  After all, controversy is one way of increasing your number of followers.  But I wasn’t offended by anything I read on your blog — just bored.

If one of your goals is to offend people and create controversy, then perhaps you should grow a thicker skin.  And maybe try to take blogging a little less seriously.  Learn to laugh at yourself once in awhile — you’ll live longer.



4 thoughts on “Flattered by Opinionated Man

    • I guess bullies have a lot in common. And part of that is, they don’t want to be seen as bullies. Must be awfully exhausting to pretend half of the time, hiding their true colors, until the real person can’t stand it anymore and is forced out in flashes of meanness. But I think your dad is a professional bully, while Mr. Cushman is just an amateur.

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